Zagato Monster in the Competition of Villa d’Este 2015

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Zagato Monster in the Competition of Villa d’Este 2015 – Talk about a concours d’elegance and present with a “monster” might not be the best of beginnings. Things change if she is Zagato Monster and the competition to Villa d’Este. The body of Milan pays tribute to the Centenary Maserati and does so with a super built in limited edition, just five examples, for customers who find themselves in the garage ideal modern interpretation of what was dubbed “the Monster” for performance absurd: Maserati 450 S Coupé Zagato.

The Stirling Moss took to the track at Le Mans and was designed by Zagato and Frank Costin, brother Mike, who along with Duckworth gave birth to Cosworth. But it is another story, to be hatched in the contours to understand why he was known as “the Monster”: 4.5-liter V8 engine and 400 horsepower front-mounted, top speed of 320 km / h. More than enough reasons to justify the name.

This says a carbon body, such as the chassis, which coexists with a structure in steel tubes for the cockpit and subframes dedicated to the exhaust system, the rear suspension (double wishbones and push rod, like all ‘ front end) and the gearbox, which is positioned at the rear in unit with the differential, according to the scheme transaxle dear to Trident. V8 front – to step inside – everything else behind. No leaked official information on cubic volume and power, but the V8 should be the 4.2-liter, 420 horsepower, the heart more than generous for a coupe antique flavor credited a lot of weight very low (there are rumors of 1000 kg).

Zagato Moster will be delivered by December and will be marked with a design made of soft, embracing lines, long bonnet to characterize the front end, with a grille reminiscent of the Maserati of the fifties and sixties: muzzle very bottom center and Trident beautiful views of the mouth round, leaving the wheel to draw the front to the end.
Feature also opening gullwing doors, as well as the high tail and joined seamlessly with the rear window.

Zagato Monster in the Competition of Villa d’Este 2015 Pictures

Zagato Monster in the Competition of Villa d’Este 2015 | | 4.5

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