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Friday, October 26th, 2018 - Ford, News 2015
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The new Ford S-Max, on the launching pad in dealerships, will be the first car to mount a device that could save you a lot of money. It is called Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter and its function is to adjust the speed of the car based on the limits of the road you are on. 

In essence, it is an evolution of the system already present on many cars of recent production, which through a camera placed on the windscreen is able to read literally the road signs and bring back on board display the speed limit (called Speed ​​Limit Info ) so that the driver bring its gait. But here, in fact, Ford goes further and is the same system that automatically adjusts the speed of the S-Max to the signs: if you’re traveling beyond the limits, the system reduces the speed (and does not do it by braking, which would be dangerous, but cutting off power to motor) to adapt to the Code and once the limit increases the vehicle speed gradually resumes. 

The system can also be turned through a button on the steering wheel, but when active may actually be helpful for all those distracted drivers who do not realize they’re traveling a bit ‘too strong, preventing them that annoying flash that is the prelude to blow fine. This, however, is not the first time that Ford has put his hand artificially speed of their cars. You recently introduced, for example, the MyKey: a second key configurable by the owner in order to limit some vehicle functions, designed especially for all those young drivers who on Saturday night go to implore the family car to go out with friends. 

A sort of “parental control” on the car, where parents mean that once the son turns the ignition key (that prohibited minors …) starts a sound insistent until the belt is worn, the volume of ‘radio does not exceed a certain level, the phone connected to the system can not receive messages, and even that the vehicle may have a limitation on the speed, ie which does not exceed a physically set quota of 130 km / h. All laudable initiatives, which can actually be an incentive for safety. 

But what about real life? We return Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter the Ford S-Max. If a motorist should always rely on this system on Italian roads, how much trumpeted would receive in a day? For example, when the car marbles to 50 hours constant on a city street with three lanes where buses also travel at 80; or at 60 km / h on the highway along a stretch of work in progress with trucks whizzing anyway to 80. All situations where the limits might become a hindrance to the movement and a danger to themselves and others. 

A system such as Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter would work great in Germany, where the speed limits are dynamic and correspond to the real situation of the traffic and weather conditions and is not far-fetched no logic as on roads. But the Germans, by the way, this system would they do little or nothing because the limits respect them without an electronic device should do it for them, because they have received training in road better than ours. Still, limit the speed of the car for their children to 130 km / h, you do not find a remedy is fake in a poor general education and road, instead of a real prevention? 

Why an eighteen year old who has his head on his shoulders, and who may have learned to handle the car with the “real” driving courses, you probably can figure out just what the appropriate speed to be kept under all circumstances. Without being therefore in situations where this limitation may paradoxically be dangerous, such as not to have that reserve more power to take off the hook when overtaking highway of a car that driving at 129 km / h.

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