Shanghai 2015 : Lifan X50 CRC

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Lifan X50 CRC Release

Lifan X50 CRC

Lifan cultural revolution competitive service! After seven years of service, 320/330 finally retires. The only producer of “pure” really involved in the race will start with a new car, the Lifan X50 and two pilots “international”.

In 2008, Lifan cars produced for two years. He was buried among the many Chinese manufacturers. To stand out, he wanted to line up a series of 320 rally. Not only it served as a moving chicane, but then the producer (bankrupt) no longer had a valid yuan. In 2010, Lifan was better and the car reappeared. In 2011, the automaker has launched a full-time CRC (China Rally Championship), and has built several cars. In 2013, the 320 has evolved discreetly 330. Note that in parallel, he played the rally with Patrol disguised as X60.

On the sidelines of the Shanghai Motor Show, Lifan has organized various operations (for the representatives of export, for Chinese traders, media) within 10 years of the brand, invited the team Lifan to show him his new weapon, the Lifan X50 CRC.

Exit the 320/330, the new standard, is the compact SUV Lifan X50. The machine is in principle always the closest to the series. The 1.5l “Tritec” no longer offers the 102ch original. In any case, the CRC is accommodating and there are all the classes as competitors!

Driver side, Wen Fan (shaved head) and Lu Ningjun (the big brown) will be of the party. Wen won the N2 Group of the China Rally in 1999 (with 106 Rallye.) It ‘a team member of Lifan in 2013. The star is Lu. The former elite policeman, played the Paris-Beijing 1992, and the Asia Championship Pacific region. Its heyday, was to represent Chery during Dakar 2010 and 2011. It ‘was then seen to China Grand Rally 2013. It is for the asphalt rallies. I hope he made the assault party of hypothetical “Dakar project” the manufacturer? Since 2010, the manufacturer makes use of all-female crews (both in the Rally Raid.) The young novice (including Lifan does not specify the name) will continue this tradition.

Lifan X50 CRC Release

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