Quantino: Flow cell-powered concept offers 620-mile range

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Quantino Previw

Quantino Overview

As regards Liechtenstein base uses the display of Geneva to help focus on their technology, but the entrails revolutionary beginning tend to be obscured by simply formed substantially the skin of their concepts.

In 2010, Nunzio are generally old (photo), the complex responsible mom or dad organization NanoFlowcell AG, has played the role of point guard to help promote more semi-miraculous progress up-to-date the company.

As regards the sedan Quantino, which means a method of feeding travel simply some tanks 175 liters of water loaded ion that provide propulsion simply moving electrons from one of several. This provides the possibility of fast supply to go with vintage 1000 km driving range of Quantino and the increased speed of 200kph.

Just an interesting element is that this method is designed to work in twenty-four volts, which is less patience for lethality, so this type of vehicle could overcome the problems of health complex and expensive cars given high voltage power.

However until Quantino truly offers any kind of tension that flows through their programs, it is an academic work. Old promises are generally prototype revision by 2015, which will be followed by an increase in licenses from different manufacturers promo.

Quantino Design

Quantino Design

The launch effectively connected with a car strategy that reach-de-la-luna citations not significantly improves the self-confidence, which is usually Nanoflowcell never really intended to market a real car, but the layout of Quantino strengthen that the organization has some fascinating doing you hair visionary in all its high rates. Normally the machine does not look for the sport, because it is huge friends, but in reality it is generally just as special, with the side split direct contrast with black wings and a collection of oversized 22 inch wagon wheels, wagon wheel drive identical to the individual Tanto Farrenheit. It also gives abandon the roof of the highest respect, the roof structure Quantino extra ends abruptly with a curved door. The pillars provide a new current blacks as above, from the great desire even using a trim metallic appearance.

Leaders and ends again in Quantino are generally based on the particular age, as well as Farrenheit, and it also seems like the small car meeting may perhaps Reported same kind contributions cavernosa. We should take it until we finally have something more than a teaser and cropped the image to see the resemblance that amount there in the meeting and back.

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