Qiantu K50 Event : Shanghai Motor Show 2015 Live

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Qiantu K50 Preview

Qiantu K50 Event : Overview

Changing clones Evoque! Qiantu K50 Event! (The “!” E ‘part of the name) of Qiantu would be the first supercar of China. Bluff Simple or true will?

CH Auto is a design and prototyping Chinese office. Each year presents a concept car (as Aculeus in 2010) In 2014, in Beijing, reveals the event, an electric supercar with false airs Veyron and Koenigsegg.

Qiantu Qiche claims to produce the event, such as Qiantu K50 Event! According to the voice, will be linked to Qiantu Jia Yueting. In fact, the young founder of LeTV (a company of video streaming) has expressed a desire to produce an electric supercar. Jia called his “CAR” (!) Except for the exhibition opening, Jia was in Beijing to introduce its first smartphone.
The three models are copies of Shanghai. One of them is more aerodynamically loaded. The features advertised are those of the Event 2014: engine 400hp, 200 kmh top, 0-100 km / h in 5 seconds and 200 km of autonomy. Qiantu adds a price: 700,000 yuan (€ 105,000).

Qiantu K50 Interior

This is the electric supercar developed on the basis of the concept of event CH Auto introduced in April last year at this event. For the aerodynamic design with large air intakes sport front bumper.

Tail hole with big fin, the air diffuser and front hollow wind like. Shaped body turned black and white contrast of two colors and smooth contours feel like Bugatti Veyron.
Power the electric motor of the machine with a capacity of 400 hp, maximum torque of 650 Nm at the rear of the transmission. Battery pack 41.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, fully charged after 6 hours with 220 V supply, the weight of 1680 kg.

Production would begin soon, 2016. Knowing that Qiantu has neither plants nor authorization to produce vehicles, there is reason to be skeptical. At worst, it will be the first attempt to supercar Chinese.

Qiantu K50 Price

Qiantu K50 Event : Shanghai Motor Show 2015 Live Pictures

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