Porsche Mission E. The real news of the day before the show that took everyone by surprise because unexpected is the Porsche Mission E. A concept car unveiled surprisingly directly by the President of Porsche, Matthias Muller, the evening pre-show organized by the Volkswagen Group.

Porsche is the “Mission E”. Where E stands for electric. A revolutionary coupe 4 doors and 4 seats (type size Panamera) completely electric, incredible performance: 600 horsepower (440 kW) and a breathtaking acceleration that the door from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds and from 0 200 km / h in 12 seconds. But especially frightening autonomy of over 500 km.

Porsche Mission E Interior. The appearance is sleek and aggressive at the same time; the front very different from the traditional Porsche with two LED lights that look like those of the prototype 919H racing. Behind a beacon that draws in full-width horizontal tail is an original aesthetic reason.

To accomplish the Mission And Porsche has fused their knowledge in terms of dynamic sports driving (there is also the Porsche Vectoring System) and all he has learned in two years of endurance races with the 919 Hybrid electric motors. In fact, the Mission It is fitted with two electric motors on the two axes, similar to those used in Prototype racing, which in addition to transmitting the motion to the wheels, can recharge the batteries during braking to recover kinetic energy (KERS). The Porsche Vectoring System mounted on Mission It is similar to the one used on other brand vehicles and automatically transmits the torque to the wheels independently of each other by improving traction, traction and directionality.

Porsche Mission E Millage. The other big news of the Technological Mission It is the management system of the battery charging. Porsche adopted for the first time in the field of electric cars a system that works very high voltage: 800 volts. This allows you to generate a high voltage current that charges the battery to 80% in just 15 minutes are enough for 400 km of driving. But because of a 800-volt charging systems if they are not then many around, the Mission It can also be recharged with the normal three-phase current to 380v or through a platform induction acting on contact without the need for cables.

Porsche Mission E Date Release.. Obviously the Mission It is a concept; but it does offer a technology that Porsche is already fully developed, so it is likely that this car will become one of 20 electric models that the head of the group VW, Martin Winterkhorn promised to make and sell by 2020.

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