Porsche Cayman R Review, The instant classic before GT4

Friday, October 19th, 2018 - Porsche

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Porsche Cayman R Review, The instant classic before GT4 – Unloading mumbles while the smell of brakes enters the nose. Comes from the vents of the climate, not from outside, you already know what it means … “License and registration, please.” I offer them to the agent, and the window comes a rush of hot air. 36 ° external aggiungetene eighty arriving from underbody. And try it yourself embarrassed with me. “This Porsche is that?”. In the national language of the stop control, this phrase usually promises calm. Ergo, brakes & Co. do not smoke more like ten minutes ago when, after a bit ‘of kilometers downhill (… many bends), I stopped to see where things stood. Then, objectively, when the patrol saw me I was going to get a decent speed. Let’s say it like it is: the Porsche Cayman R is one of the best sports cars in recent years and every time I find the road before you take the opportunity to hear it alive in your hands. Enjoy it a bit ‘, come on.

Pure mechanics. If you put aside the past (expensive) technologies for supersports inevitable (carbon for the body, active dampers, twin turbo) and the digital approach to drive Manettino & Associates, it is even more evident as this Porsche offers experience pure driving analogy. Of course, the R of this test has a dual clutch transmission (optional) and an ESP can be set in three modes (Normal, Sport and Sport Plus, because of the Chrono Package), but it is nothing compared to all that blend of filters and beep of many other so-called Supercar.

Miracles in Stuttgart. Cayman is the truth: the steering wheel does not have an electronic gearshift servo daughter of an algorithm and attitude, as well raising the ESP does not send you to fungi (unless you want to question the physical and everything else); also, if necessary, eat the bumps like nothing. Everything is calibrated so extraordinary dagl’ingegneri Stuttgart. Here is a special ratios between power steering, handling and speed. It’s really amazing the amount of ways that you can drive the Cayman R.

Walking with the R. And, indeed, to see me get calm, with his arm out the window listening to the large rock by the excellent sound system, even I would not be fined … “But that strong?”, Makes me the ‘agent giving me back the documents; thanking all the saints say, “Oh, well, ‘enough …”. And dismissing m’allontano with PDK that throws in one by one all seven gears, changing soft and sweet at 2400 rpm … Here, the Cayman R can drive the alternative: floor, to go for a walk. Or to escape unnoticed. With the exhaust that makes you feel a true sports without becoming intrusive or frantumarti ears while chatting. With sports bucket seats carbon (folding moreover, to hang his jacket behind the back) that hold you stop in the corners and direction changes to make you feel comfortable. Above, when you drive well, missing only the control of the cruising speed, but, if desired, there is an option.

The Cayman final. In short, this coupe has the ability to make you want a car not convenient for travel than those to go to a trackday. During the trips I’ve made, I often asked the “why” of a base or a Cayman S. The R is the one that ends the career of the Cayman (will be replaced by new in 2013), but also to the other versions. It is their sum, improved the top end of the rev counter and speedometer. OK, from a base cost almost 20,000 Euros and more, compared with a S seven. But everyone knows that the list is long and the Porsche … terrifying, then you quickly to push up the price. And then the base Cayman is not a big deal: there are other cars (Audi TT RS and BMW 1M for example) more powerful and with more stuff inside, on which to focus.

Details, differences. While this R is the real baby Porsche worth taking if you love sports sized tight here you will find well-kept car, powerful, balanced and exquisitely drivable. Aesthetically better than the other because of the new ride height lowered by 20 mm, for new rims (the same as the Boxster Spyder) and for splitters, spoilers and the ‘decal’ that embellish. Personally I am not fond quell’aletta rear is skinny and insignificant.

Via the superfluous. Overall this R has the air of a Porsche cured and with which we can play a little ‘as with versions of the GT 911. From them, in fact, was inspired by the diet: no cupholders (jokes? Even This reduces the weight of 1 kg), via the handles to open and go with the webbing style Racing goalkeeper aluminum (-15 kg), forged wheels (-5 kg), no radio (-3 kg, the one I have the coffin, have it well with CD player in the glove), zero climate (-12 kg, again, fortunately, the coffin international website, in Italian standard) and specific sport bucket seats (-12 kg). If desired, there would be the lithium-ion battery (2000 Euros) and carbon-ceramic brakes (8000 €), as well as accessories landscaping line Exclusive (willingly miss in the list) that recently, however, have to do with the GT variants above. Frankly, the carbon-ceramic are an unnecessary expense: the car is light and brake systems Porsche impeccable. As well as shows the R.

You want my advice? The engine is the Boxer of the Cayman S with 10 more horsepower, for a total of 330 hp. Put them in a push stuff from 1295 kg to get a 0-100 4 “7 (without Sport Package Plus and PDK without, 5 ‘net) and a top speed of 280 per hour (two more with the manual). In the special website of the Cayman R is a reproduction of the sound: you go to hear it, you can enjoy much. It has all the nuances of sportiness and unique notes of the Porsche Boxer. The power is useable: R comes standard with the mechanical limited slip differential and, thanks to the supply of linear 3.4, the latter will never in crisis unless you be you want to. It serves into the corners with a bit ‘of impetuousness (ESP off) and keep ready the engine with the right gear to generate a power oversteer. But even in this case, you will never be tailing unmanageable, for a variety of reasons. The first is that the steering is so manageable and front suspension so well balanced that it seems to be the Cayman itself and recover. The second is that the power of 330 hp is human and often just hold down the accelerator realigning the steering to find himself on the straight with the wheels in place. It’s not a bastard the R. And in any case, guiding without exaggeration, is effective and fast. The only comment that I have to do is on the PDK. I state that if I were to buy a Cayman R, I would take it with her Doppelkupplung, especially for convenience (in the end, even if you use it on weekends, is convenient in traffic and fast when you’re running). Then why it is developed well and allows you, in addition to the departures assisted (with Launch Control), of skidding from the start: just press the brake, throw down the accelerator and the first attacks on the fly allowing you to oversteer from the start. But I did not like to climb. Especially in Sport mode plus I found it too dry the clutch operates. Which, in certain situations, the risk of unbalancing the rear. I could say that sometimes it was fun, but the truth is that I always used in ESP OFF and without the Sport Plus mode activated to staple hanged inside curve climbing all gears possible. And without failure of the rear axle. I said it before: as in how many ways you can use the Cayman R? Here, if I can give you some advice, use the PDK and Sport Plus to impress those who bring back, not in climbing. But above all, do yourself a Cayman R.

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