Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS Reviews and Prices

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2015 porsche 911 Targa  4S Black On The Studio

Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – Overview

One should expect, in the meantime comprehensive 21 variants Porsche 911 portfolio would not even room for a new penalty-Bobbycar. In the eyes of Zuffenhausen strategists thoroughly one lies with this short-sighted assessment but apparently wrong. You want proof? Then send your Notebook / Tablet / Smartphone briefly once the Porsche configurator. If you have stumbled on the new 911 Targa 4 GTS, you should come a light.

Who buys anyway?
Now including the Targa in the slightly hotter and prettier be regarded GTS variant. To understand why Porsche keeps a good idea, maybe we should put ourselves in the hesitant customer (even now by the way should falter even more than before): So you are looking for a penalty SUV (all Targa have all-wheel drive) and want to get the perfect design and technically demanding up a roof and open. Also you can find polynuclear aprons and darkened lights good standing on black 20-inch wheels (the Porsche Turbo) and you have a crush on Alcantara. A hardcore purist and lightweight fanatics are not necessarily finally the GTS Targa acts compared to a Carrera GTS as fried and baked. Or else: It weighs a whopping 90 pounds more. Even the convertible is easier. On the other hand you are happy about something more aggression in the aggregate, so have to 30 extra horsepower, more speed and a pleasure spratzenden and babbling sport exhaust objection.

2015 porsche 911 Targa  4S Blue Front Wallpaper

Barely eleven in the circuit. Why only?
To sum it up: You are a quite oblique bird. However, one with a good eye. Because at least in my humble opinion, the Targa 4 GTS looks together with its silver roof beholmten simply fabulous. Still fabulous, as the Targa looks anyway. Rather nice for me than for you: Porsche invited to test drive the new niche-in-the-niche-Elfers the Ascari Race Resort, along with the breathtaking mountain roads in and around the nearby Ronda. In order to show the flag against the meantime lousy 911 manual switch-share of nearly ten percent I grabbed a Targa with manual seven-speed gearbox. It has recently been revised and feels in a still tight clutch pedal now a little easier, but extremely short, precise and easier to use at. It is miles better than the new manual transmission in the Jaguar F-Type.

Heavy equal worse?
The far more important question, especially for our customers is brooding, but: Does the new Targa 4 GTS dynamically a noticeable difference? Well, on the barren hills from Malaga to Ronda fell to at least that of the 3.8-liter boxer its 430 hp and 440 Newton meters a bit restless must leave work as for example in a rear-drive GTS coupe. This eventually weighs less than 135 pounds less. Speed ​​is therefore more than ever trump when what should move. But it the car has more than enough and everything that happened after 5000 rpm, is also in the Targa 4 GTS quite wonderful.

There are nuances
Thanks PTM (Porsche shortcuts for all-wheel) brings the latest GTS even a mix of very fast, very tight curves and hair-raising mountain asphalt refused to work. Level of grip and neutrality are long alarmingly high until the car comes sometime in light understeer. Thus, the Targa pushing a scrap of more outward than might be used. The weight disadvantages compared to the GTS coupe (also the focus because of the complex and heavy roof unfavorable) but are really only minimally noticeable. For the support of this thesis Porsche delivers even numbers: The Targa 4 GTS loses against a Carrera GTS with rear-wheel drive on the Nordschleife just three seconds.

Also on the track well
This brings us to the Ascari Race Resort quasi seamlessly, where the most smartest “covered” GTS also gave a superb figure. In Sport Plus mode and with the optional roll stabilization tends PDCC and stir in the cargo as good as nothing. The immense chassis neutrality acts against efficiency almost too perfect and reasonable. At least one must not Walter Röhrl be to drive fast with this car. Of course, the car could be a bit easier, but agility and confidence are at extremely high levels and behavior at the limit corresponds closely to that of the coupe. The control systems are incredibly well matched (to get thanks to the wrong traction anyway hardly in relevant field) and if the liability is sometime very very late but breaks off times, then slipping the rear in a very satisfactory and non-braking way out. In addition, the steering wheel makes the models more message from the Vorderachsfront, which is quite helpful in rougher gait and sneaky peaks.

Hold back and hairstyle
I’m strongly believe that virtually no one will ever see with his Targa 4 GTS a race track (the parking lot in front of the track do not count), but he could if he wanted. And he would have fun doing it too. But the parade discipline of the sportiest Targa likely the fast Highway Ride Me on a Sunday morning. The rest comfort of the standard adaptive suspension is truly remarkable (the stick hard sports suspension with 20 mm Lowering is by design does not have to) and although it looks barrier-free in the sky, the lovingly zurechtgeföhnte hairstyle is at no time in danger. Poor or better than all the other 911 GTS models you will definitely not cut with the Targa. It is just a matter of personal taste. And a purse of course.

High price. At first glance
The Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS costs at least 137,422 euros. He is exactly as expensive as the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet. However, it is more expensive than a 400 bhp Targa 4S also about 12,000 euros. For that you get a barely measurable acceleration advantage in identical ten liters of fuel consumption. The freer, more wild rotating nature of the revised engine, however, is not measurable and only the power increase costs normally 13,804 euros. Take even a sports exhaust system and the Sport Chrono package for a total of almost 4,200 euros to and you realize that the Targa 4 GTS is not such a bad deal. At least if you prefer something heartier gait. Personally, I’d opt for a manual transmission while Carrera 2 GTS, but if many people buy a GTS Targa 4, I can very well understand.

2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4s Blue Right Agle

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