New Toyota Prius 2016 Redesign and Features Update

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New Toyota Prius 2016 Redesign and Features Update – To know thoroughly the details, the technical details, we have to wait Frankfurt, stage designated for the launch of the new Toyota Prius. The hybrid comes to the fourth generation, after almost 20 years, and 3.5 million copies sold. It does giving themselves an all-new platform, the tnga (Toyota New Global Architecture) capable of providing first integrated development with the powertrain, a center of gravity lower and more responsive suspension by sector (change the scheme to back, now with double wishbone transverse).

2016 Toyota Prius Concept

2016 Toyota Prius Dimensions

toyota Prius 2016 will be a bit ‘longer, but also wider and lower, the Prius that will try to convince drivers not only for his skills as a hybrid fuel-low bass, but also to design a highly evolved. The front earns personality and shows off headlights processed, accompanied by two openings on the snout, a large grill on the bumper and a more discreet slit above the license plate. The side will “normalize” and forms dictated primarily by aerodynamics of previous generations, switch to a more streamlined profile, which ends with a spoiler at the base of the rear window, the sides of which stand out the futuristic headlights, LED.

2016 Toyota Prius date release info

2016 Toyota Prius Interior

On board are reported more than any other element, the two displays: the main, intended to break info classical instrumentation, high, while the center of the dashboard functional infotainment, just above the automatic transmission selector. Toyota’s engineers, in the development of the new Prius were able to increase the thermal efficiency of the gasoline engine by 40%, advances that are added to those made on the components of the hybrid system, now lighter and more compact, as well as the batteries, the highest energy density and optimization of charging time. Pending the exact values ​​of consumption, it was announced a 10% improvement in cycle US approval and a special gain in their time of highway driving.

2016 Toyota Prius Interior updates

2016 Toyota Prius Safety Features

Will the package of driver assistance systems Toyota Safety Sense, pedestrian detection with full notice of impending collision, Lane Change Assist with assistance at the wheel, cruise control and headlights with Dynamic Radar type Automatic High Beams, designed to turn off the headlights in driving situations in which cross each

2016 Toyota Prius Interior Updates

New Toyota Prius 2016 Redesign and Features Update Pictures

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