Geneva Salon Suzuki boys were two conceptual proposals interesting. In this article we will discuss the Suzuki IK-2 concept, a versatile go into production in about a year.

Externally there is a vehicle in a stylish cut and comfortable. Emphasizes the black painted pillar is currently the model Swift has certainly completed by when it hits dealerships. The front is characterized by optics with LED technology and a very personal ways grill bite headlights. The bumper with an air intake generous stresses also in this point of view.

The backcourt is probably the least surprising, with some innovative aesthetic in which only small integrated at the bottom of the rear spoiler adds a distinctive note window with mind sports broadcaster.

No pictures of the interior so not sure how it will be. Which communicated Suzuki brings an engine of a liter turbo direct injection in combination with an integrated generator of small capacity lithium ion battery that stores braking energy. It is not a hybrid we know and Suzuki IK-2 also know that, as a result, we read Mild-Hybrid.

The Suzuki IK-2 concept leads to Geneva has a total length of 4.02 m, a width of at least 1.92 meters and a height of 1.45 meters. The battle for its part is 2.52 meters and equipped with 18-inch wheels.

Suzuki IK-2 2015 release date Pictures

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