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Sunday, October 28th, 2018 - Renault

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New Renault Talisman Review and Specfifications – Not only Passat. The selection of the D-segment sedans is enhanced with the launch of Renault Talisman, a project that wants to break with the past, that of Laguna, from which ideally collects the witness to go further, proposing a product that while belonging to a generalist brand raises premium content seen on Espace. Style aside – interesting for cutting dynamic and futuristic the front, invariably treated with horizontal lines and embellished by LED daytime running lights that adorn the headlights (full LED), while ensuring aggressive snout – who became former MPV crossover It resumes engines, floor Cmf and infotainment R-Link 2, with display from 8.7 inches vertically oriented.

What’s more, there is the system Multisense, through which explore different personalities of Renault Talisman. Several adjustment to vary the lighting of the indoor environment, to the response of the engine, the speed of change of the exchange, the consistency of the steering, suspension settings and enhance adaptive notes the engine on board.

New Renault Talisman Exterior Design and Dimensions

Will challenge Volkswagen Passat but will face an increasingly competitive segment, which also includes the Mazda 6, Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, just to mention some of the direct rivals. Has many content borrowed from Renault Espace, except the weight. The difference is remarkable, as many as 200 kg less for Renault Talisman, which also boasts important measures, summarized in 4 meters and 85 centimeters in length, and 87 meter in width and a height of 146 cm. The pass reaches 2 meters and 81, seven centimeters less Espace but two more than the Passat taken as a reference in the category.

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Centimeters that result in interior roominess at the top, look on as Carlos Ghosn has wanted to emphasize during the presentation conference. A larger number of other, related to the space available for the rear passengers’ legs: 26.2 cm. To derive much space is introduced a world first, the seats with Cover Carving Technology, a semi-rigid structure in the rear area of ​​the backrest, able to “give away” 3 cm of additional space and reduce the weight of 1 kg compared to the classic solutions .

Continuing to talk about space, Renault Talisman announces a very roomy trunk, from 608 liters of volume, destined to grow further on the station wagon version, which will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Since October, however, the marketing in the European markets for the sedan, manufactured at Douai.

New Renault Talisman Interior Design

A treat for those who choose the seats electrically adjustable with Easy Access System, is automatically linked to the withdrawal of five centimeters to facilitate access on board, along with a series of “games graphic” obtained by the LED lights and the threshold ‘access on board. Ben is more concrete, however, the system 4Control, designed to give greater stability at high speed and make both more agile car to speeds reduced. E ‘possible working on the arms of the rear suspension, for a system of four-wheel steering, in phase or antiphase, depending of the breakers of driving. Even the 4Control is affected by settings of Multisense.

New Renault Talisman Interior

And ‘it drives from living aboard, Renault Talisman, like any self-respecting sedan important. He could not miss a complete infotainment department, composed from the R-Link 2, available in two different variants, depending on grade: 7 inch display oriented horizontally on the introductory step of the range, or 8.7 inches in portrait orientation. Whether you choose Talisman Life, Zen, Business, Intens or Initiale Paris, you will have a specific solution, complemented by the Head-up display and a premium Bose audio system. There will be devices of driver assistance, including automated parking Easy Park Assist.

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New Renault Talisman – Engine Specs

In terms of engines, will be five alternatives offered with three different transmissions: 6-speed manual transmission, dual clutch EDC 6-speed or 7-speed EDC. It starts from the turbo petrol TCe 150 horses, an alternative to performance Tce 200 horsepower, 1.6-liter engine, both mated only to the dual-clutch 7-speed. On the turbodiesel, it start from the dCi 110 hp, 6-speed manual transmission or, on request, with robotic equal relations, as well as for the 1.6 dCi 130 hp, while standard on the dCi 160 horses find the EDC 6-speed.

If you replicate the values ​​of mounted units Espace, then we will have a torque of 260 Nm for the 1.6 turbo petrol 200 bhp, 320 Nm in the case of the 1.6 dCi 130 hp and 380 Nm on the 1.6 dCi 160 horses.

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