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Opel Corsa always goes. And it does so in large field of compact and city car that represent, in these difficult times, the most sought after cars on the market. After the success with Adam and the introduction of smaller Karl, that’s precisely the new Corsa, which is available from these weeks in dealerships. The German company has opted for the 2015 version of this remains one of its top models, the paper of the stylistic continuity even if, in reality, it has updated deeply content. At first glance the race would not seem changed that much than before, actually has been largely revised mechanically and rethought in any content, both mechanical and technological. Has not changed the basis of the previous floor but the suspensions have received substantial modifications to make more comfortable driving.

The front McPherson were revised in the geometry and settings, for example. The body gives a nod to the style of this well-known compact hatchback, but a closer look reveals the result of a new design especially in the front and in the headlights. A closer inspection you notice in fact the evolution of form and content, that outline a stroke decisively voted to maturity: the five-door achieves this thanks to the “presence” more marked and authoritative, almost from the first family car, the three-door has hit the target marking the aggressive style and the desire of sportsmanship. They also help the details, such as the more elongated snout and tail lights now horizontal development. Remain under control the size grew about 20 millimeters in length, while the height is lowered by 5 mm.

The engine range is in line with the standards of the segment with the novelty of the new three-cylinder Ecotec 1.0 petrol available in two configurations of power, from 90 to 115 horsepower; are already known the four cylinders 1.2 and 1.4 petrol aspirated meet Euro 6 to 70 and 90 as well as horses turbodiesel 1.3 CDTI – always Euro 6 – 75 and 95 hp, with a version that is able to ensure emissions of just 89 g / km. The range of the new Corsa currently includes three trim levels: the base is called N-Joy and already offers standard manual air conditioning, the Abs and the radio; the sportiest B-Color has 16-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and roof black while the richest Cosmo provides xenon headlights and automatic climatizatore. Prices start at € 12,100 for the Corsa 1.2 N-Joy 70 horses.

Cockpit you notice the many aspects and details inherited from the smallest and saucy Adam: there is greater sophistication and attention to detail, quality built in an environment that renews the feeling of “home” suggesting relaxation and brilliance. Furniture design and colored finishes retain linearity and simplicity, adding a little ‘extra pleasant elegance, the same one that stands out in the interior of Adam. Stand out, entering the cockpit, the dashboard developed in a more horizontal with padded top coating (standard on all versions) and large fabric inserts on the sides of the doors, in addition to the air vents “premium” reed. Classic dashboard compact, content development of the center console where space is the touch screen 7 “reserved for the multimedia system IntelliLink. Which provides the classic navigation with maps and voice guidance through the application resident Bringo interfaced to the smartphone staff. For the connection is available the graft FlexDock, in the upper part of the dashboard (different smartphone models). Not bad driving position, customizable and well assisted by seats from sitting pretty generous, while the rear seat two adults are comfortable with good freedom of movement, slightly increased in the area of ​​the legs (20 mm extra). Earn extra few liters the luggage compartment in the configuration with the backrest of the sofa reclined (1120 liters for the doors 5, 1090 liters for the 3 ports), while in the standard position remain as before available 285 liters, on average, however for the category.

On the new Corsa convinces the work aimed to refine and improve the guide. Its operations on suspension and chassis translate into behavior that offers more stability the feeling of being behind the wheel of a car with features (and price) higher. The Race keeps handling and responsiveness, with a whole new steering rather directed especially if combined with large tires with shoulder lowered. The structure is diversified between 5:03 doors: the first is more soft and driving is comfortable, the second is more sporty. Remains excellent, both on the smooth running even at high speeds decided. Under the hood, the engine range (all Euro 6) is the adoption of starvation and brilliant three-cylinder petrol Turbo, available in 90 and 115 horses, the latter being tested and matched to the pleasant six-speed gearbox, the docile and easy maneuverability. In cities and at low speeds the three cylinders is silent and “round” in the operation (the hum a bit ‘odd lame cylinder is softened effectively balance shaft) and offers considerable flexibility, with maximum torque (170 Nm ) reached already at 1800 rpm and constant up to 4500 rpm. The maximum speed is 195 km / h and also shooting is inviting (acceleration 0-100 km / h takes place, according to data reported by Opel, in 10 “3) with a valid extension in the upper area of ​​the tachometer. All this for an average consumption, always said, which stood on the 20 km per liter.

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New Opel Corsa 2015 Reviews, Prices and Photos Pictures

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