McLaren 570S – Overview

When McLaren decided to go down range, the brand does so with extreme caution. Carbon shell, scissor doors, twin-turbo V8 mid-rear … the new 570S has not much to envy its big sisters.

After the Super Series and Ultimate Series, McLaren opens a new chapter: the Sport Series. In the jargon of the brand, not always easy to decipher, the description must group the most accessible models in the range. But the cut 570S, which is responsible to open the ball at the show in New York, can already count on 570 hp. What toiser a Porsche 911 Turbo S or Audi R8 V10 and an equal footing with the late Ferrari 458. A 0 to 200 Km / h announced under 10s, a top speed of 328 km / h … we experienced more asthma entrance tickets. Especially since the 600 Nm of torque promise to make flash overruns. Although deflated 80 hp compared to the 650S, the V8 biturbo 3.8 home retains a sacred health. However, the manufacturer announced the presentation before the summer of a second model badged Sports Series, with less cavalry.

The outstanding performance also result from an unusual lightness. McLaren is indeed stuck to a carbon structure. Even if the body is now aluminum, it allows to announce a dry weight of 1313 kg only. It remains to know the weight with full, most commonly used to compare with the competition. Carbon-ceramic brakes, scissor doors, rear mid-engine, dual-clutch seven-speed box and … technically, the 570S remains close to a 650S and trunk volume is even identical: 144 dm3. But she became the first modern McLaren equipped with anti-roll bars, replaced by an electronically controlled four dampers on the rest of the range. While his style evolved somewhat with tailpipes positioned lower, worked very taillights, headlights that give up their a comma or a smaller and vertical rear window.

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