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2016 Jaguar XE Blue Version
New Jaguar XE Review and Date Release – With a new aluminum architecture and new engines of the Jaguar XE should shake up the German-dominated premium middle class. Manages the British attack on the company car segment?The Starter Wife: This is the motto of Jaguar. Gone are the days of the X-Type based on the Ford Mondeo and the different design languages. The new Jaguar XE, the British venture a new beginning in a future with advanced technology and models like the SUV F-Pace. At the same time the XE is to shake up the German premium middle class. Manages the attack?Welcome to the family. Let’s take this first one eye on the XE: Unmistakably are the BMW influences the design, especially in the area of ​​C-pillar. Whether it is because important top managers were recruited from Munich? But the XE is obviously not a 3-clone: ​​With 4.67 meters, he is five centimeters longer, also slightly wider and flatter but, keeps a bit longer wheelbase ready. For sufficient autonomy the front fascia whose family resemblance to the new XF and the XJ is intentional makes. But times among us: they can distinguish a Mercedes C-Class from a distance of an S-Class?

Greetings from the F-Type. Jaguar is particularly proud to taillights in the style of the F-Type, the rear end towards the rest of the vehicle looks a bit uninspired. Whatever the XE is to some extent the F-Type for four people, is Jaguar. Too big should this not be but, I note in the truest sense of the word. A rather narrow hatch up to 455 liters of luggage can be loaded into the trunk. On all seats it comes to pretty cuddly. Rear passengers have to be careful on their head when entering, because despite aluminum construction, the XE-body is harder than German skull.

There goes more. Driver and front passenger separates a massive central tunnel whose walls Direction effect is exacerbated by the low seating position. Tip: you can order better light materials because with completely black upholstery adjusts to a bunker-like feel. Then there is the so-called Riva clasp. You should remember the eponymous luxury boats from Italy. This is around the top edge of the door panel, which is quite strongly curved towards the driver and passenger. However, the material quality in the interior is still expandable. Even the top equipment hardly affects quality as the basis. Details such as the scope of the power window switch from simple plastic reminiscent of French small car because of British nobility. No question: This can especially Audi and Mercedes better.

Rather let off. So that we do not misunderstand: The seating position in the XE is very good, the cockpit is no riddle. But for people over 1.85 meters height is not too much space above your head. A real criticism is the position of the pedals: they are placed too high, which might seam straight at the two factory equipped with a manual transmission diesel models. Here, clutch and gas can sometimes difficult dosing, so that one occasionally jerky as a novice on the road. Not only so you should think twice about whether the 2,500 euros extra for the eight-speed automatic in the budget there are. Although the lever switches over short distances the streets, but is often hakelig to use.

Light is relatively. On the technology of Jaguar XE is still incredibly proud. Not without reason, because nothing has been bought, but designed everything himself. The body consists of 75 percent aluminum and weighs only 342 kg raw. The XE with 180 hp diesel brings 1550 kilograms on the scales, but then what surprised because the comparable BMW 320d remains below the 1,500-kilo mark. The second important point is the new Ingenium engines. Followed As with BMW Jaguar a modular architecture: With the engines, the dimensions for bore and stroke are also same as the distance between cylinders and the cylinder volume of 500 cubic. Ergo, the four-cylinder for every two liters. Take it as a diesel per 163 and 180 hp, the petrol engine offering 200 and 240 hp. From the Jaguar F-Type, the aggregate of the XE-top model comes: The three-liter supercharged V6 makes 340 hp.

Planned no Combined. Whether it is, however, also give an R-model with V8 as M3 and C-63-fright, is still open. When asked about a possible combination Jaguar XE is rather pessimistic, after all were only England and Germany strong combi markets. Who wants to have more space, should be directed more from 2016 called on the F-Pace SUV, which debuted in September 2015 at the Frankfurt IAA.

Exactly around the corner
Since the F-Pace so few shares technically with the XE, one must be very excited. For my first XE Round I choose the diesel with 180 hp. He goes very smoothly according to his work, but shares with the four-cylinder petrol engines a slight collision weakness. Not at all weak, the driving dynamics of the XE: unbelievably precise Darts t the car through the corners of the Basque Country, a credit to the electromechanical power steering first time on a Jaguar. As a driver behind the steering wheel grip small I feel in the center and have the car precise control. Slight arrogance on my part follows a minimal tail swing of the rear-wheel drive XE and the engagement of the ESP.

Help on snow and ice
Factory most Jaguar XE is equipped with a comfort suspension. Thus one glides smoothly over long gone redeveloped roads without getting the feeling of a rocking chair. On the contrary: The dynamics remains. Neglecting more are the driving modes offered for Dynamicist or winter road. Even more useful is the standard for the automatic XE “All Surface Progress Control”, short ASPC that to 30 km / h fully automatic traction builds about in the winter, without having to press a pedal. Because ASPC is not available for manually shifted XE, this circumstance is another plus point for the automatic.

One does not need anything
In addition, the certificate from ZF shift assist its eight stages liquid sort, as the switch is in the 240-horsepower gasoline engine. Here, the R-Sport equipment skin visually on the plaster, added a sports suspension. Who now expects nasty blows to the Cross, will be disappointed. Again, the aluminum suspension springs exquisite and iron the road smooth decent. Only the steering is still speaking a touch more precise as the comfort chassis, but this impression is rather under subjectivity. If you really want, you can get beyond an adaptive suspension, which are 1,100 euros extra but dispensable.

Twelfth Night. This sum is invested in better Bi-xenon headlamps or the indispensable parking aid for front and rear. Recommended are beyond the razor-sharp head-up display (1,300 euros) and the available package Touchscreen Navi for relatively cheap 940 euros. What else is on assistance should be (as an adaptive cruise control or traffic sign recognition) or luxury, clarifies the view of their own finances. Which equipment line is optimal? Even the basic features a dual-zone automatic climate control, 17-inch-Alus, cruise control and a lane assistant and infotainment with eight-inch touch screen. We recommend the 5,500 euros more expensive portfolio line. In addition to 18-inch models here are the bi-xenon headlamps and electrically adjustable seats as standard equipment. By the way: Jaguar speaks of seven engines, 94 160 options and accessories articles from which customers can choose XE.
Date release . From 13 June 2015, the new XE arrived at dealers, whose network will be expanded, according to Jaguar. Prices start at 36,500 euros for the manual transmission 163-hp diesel, curiously enough, does the version with 180 PS the same amount. We therefore advise to XE 20d with 180 hp and eight-speed automatic, to be called for 39,000 euros. A bargain compared to the German competition? The BMW 320d with 184 hp and automatic will cost 38,650 euros, but is ausstattungsbereinigt expensive. 39,150 Euro would have Audi for the 190 bhp A4 2.0 TDI with continuously variable multitronic transmission, while Mercedes d zulangt with 41,322 euros at 220 C with 170 hp and seven-speed automatic. Plus point for Jaguar: In addition to the three-year warranty all inspections during this period are included.

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