New Fiat Aegea Preview and Specs

New Fiat Aegea – Continue the road test of the car that will replace the Fiat Bravo in the second half of next year. The sedan version was presented in April at the Istanbul Motor Show, the first of a trio of C-segment models that are part of the so-called project Aegea: a same platform, derived from the floor of the B-Wide 500L, which are born on a sedan classic, a hatchback and a station wagon. All voted to the simplicity and functionality, in the best Fiat tradition. In short, the second leg, the functional, the strategy of the Italian brand, which today (Panda separately) is based almost exclusively on line 500 glamorous family.

2015 Fiat Aegea Specs

New Fiat Aegea Engine Specs

It is and how it will be. The two volumes of course, along with the wagon (which, however, will be the last to arrive), the version that is most interested in the Italian market. The Fiat Bravo is output from the lists last year. The spy photos of the actress still in disguise. The body of fiat Aegea is not used at the machine end, but that, false, a point enlarged and elongated. Are fake even the headlights. But it is true, of course, all that is hidden under the skin. Then the track width and the pitch, of 264 centimeters. The length should be about 4 meters and 20. In the hood is to be expected, among others, the two turbodiesel MJT 1.3 and 1.6, respectively, by 95 and 120 horsepower, and the petrol 1.4 Fire aspirated and turbo (also in this case 95, and 120 ), as well as the entry-level engine and 1.6-torque from 110 hp.

2015 Fiat Aegea Interior Photo

Fiat Aegea Preview

Industrial logic. The cars of the project Fiat Aegea not start out as low-cost models. However they will be produced in Turkey, in the factory of Bursa that Fiat operates in partnership with the Turkish Tofas, in a logic of cost containment. It was the only way, according to the FCA, to make Europe competitive in a return in the range of compact, whose margins are significantly lower than those that now offer SUV and crossover of all sizes.

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