Mercedes S-Class Brabus B50, The Luxury Hybrid

Brabus B50 Hybrid

Mercedes S-Class Brabus B50, The Luxury Hybrid – Suppose no will suffice you a Mercedes S-Class hybrid, even if the plug-in from 449 horsepower and almost 120,000 Euros List. Let’s say you want even more from the internal combustion engine, the V-6 3-liter twin-turbo capable of delivering 333 horsepower. Here, Brabus comes to satisfy the desires of those who think that we can squeeze a few more horses. It’s called Brabus PowerXtra B50 kit developed by the trainer for Mercedes S-Class, namely the S500, but also matched another hybrid variant, the S400 from 333 horsepower.

Speaking on the electronics of S-class has been modified with new mapping diagrams for the injection and the ignition, while the supercharging pressure is slightly increased. Measures that lead to gain 51 horsepower and 70 Nm of torque, for a total value of 500 horsepower and 890 Nm, reasoning in terms of the hybrid system of power unit. Maximum speed in part, 250 km / h, the improvement in terms of performance, it reads in terms of tenths, three less than in the 0-100 km, which rose from 4.9 or 5.2 second.

brabus b50 ibusiness Interior

The Brabus B50 S-Class Body Exterior. The kit can be added numerous details, from the discharge line entirely of steel in a variety of stylistic elements Remodeling the look of the flagship from 5 meters and 25 centimeters long in the configuration step (317 centimeters). The front bumper, for example, offers of different openings for the cooling of the mechanical members and of the brakes, in addition to accepting a lip which in Brabus say give advantages in reducing the lift of the front axle at high speeds. As for materials ranging from special polyurethane to those in carbon, such as like appendages flow diverters that can be installed just behind the front wheels, with 20-inch diameter. Inside, special floor mats, along with pedals and scuff bright, are part of the long list of options.

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  • Brabus B50 Interior
  • Brabus B50 Hybrid

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