Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Preview and Price 2015

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Spec

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Concept

“It’s good, everything is in the frame? Oh no? And here in this light? “Five decades after approximately 600 Pullman, here in Geneva last Pullman new and second supply model Mercedes-Maybach Pullman. Six fifty meters large luxury.

Rolling ship. Rolling plane. Luxury limousine. Large luxury limousine. Etc, etc, etc. In the aisles of Geneva, the statutory (yes, really) Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is present.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman still claiming 6m50 total length is still 1053 mm (precisely) more than the S-Class Mercedes-Maybach “base” (the base is in quotes).

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman and driver separation (which becomes opaque electrically), its pair of individual aircraft-style seats (reclining 43.5 °), two rear-facing and optional retractable), and non-exhaustive list, wide screen 18.5 inches (47 cm) or its sound Burmaster.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman led by double-turbo V12 that develops 530 hp and 830 Nm. A Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, finally, the first deliveries will take place early next year. Entrance ticket? About half a million. Then everything will depend on the equipment, options, etc..

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Beutiful Design

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Design

Here is the second part of the second rebirth of Maybach, with Pullman press. Six luxury fifty yards from financial magnates and other crowned heads.

Second model Mercedes Maybach claw, Pullman, because it marks a revival of the name which, without being abandoned, was somewhat fallen into disuse. It thus seeks to revive the golden age of the 600 Pullman was born just 50 years.

Elongated 1053 mm Mercedes-Maybach Pullman presented last December, it displays the 6M50 length and hosts a total of six people, four behind the partition. The two main occupants are held in comfortable seats with leg rests, tilt up to 43.5° They enjoy a unique space for the legs, and improved roof game, since it appears Pullman 100 mm higher up Mercedes Maybach.

Faced with these privileged passengers, two folding seats, which can be removed on request. For customization will of course complete. Mobile separating glass can also be made opaque. The large screen (18.5 inches) is also retractable.

An offer for the engine, twin-turbo V12 that develops 530 hp. The base price of the Pullman hotel is around €500,000, and the first copies will be delivered early next year. But it is understood that the base price, which can be added various customizations or shielding often asked by customers for this type of vehicle. That raise the price above the million.

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