Mercedes C Class Cabrio in Geneva 2016

Mercedes C Class Cabrio

Geneva 2016 : Mercedes C Class Cabrio

First Class C Convertible, but also the body of the fifth class family C, is also the fifth range Mercedes Convertible. Available this summer to enjoy the sunny days. With the new Mercedes C Class Cabrio, the C family is complete: hatchback, sedan long (China), station wagon, coupe and convertible. And with a view of the entire convertible range, single family compact undetectable. For how long?

The convertible cut the size gets very strictly, simply by adding 4 mm high when the hood is folded. The front is identical, and habits are convertible Mercedes in the elegant profile and integration of the hood on their covers hardtop and a chrome strip that surrounds the cockpit.

A bell is available in two versions, only in standard black, or with better sound insulation. This high-end version also allows a choice of four colors: black, brown, blue or red, to coordinate the exterior color and the interior of the car. The inner lining of the soft top is available in black, gray or white. The soft top opens or closes in 20 seconds, the rolling operation possible up to 50 km / h. When the roof is open, the trunk volume is 285 liters, but changed to 360 closed hood. We are also able to load more items, thanks to the backs of the folding rear seats.

On board, the Cabrio has a skin treated so less heat in the sun, and the AIRSCARF system was found to heat the passenger’s neck before, when the weather is a little cooler. The anti-rollover system, the most elegant of a network covering the rear seats, movement is also present and includes a movable flap on the top of the windshield, and pull out electrically base between the rear head restraints.

mercedes c class cabriolet release date

air suspension, offers multimedia and assistance systems are the Mercedes C Class Cabrio range. The convertible retains some of the engines:

  1. C180 : 1.6/115 kW/156 ch/250 Nm
  2. C200/C200 4Matic : 2.0/135 kW/184 ch/300 Nm
  3. C250 : 2.0/155 kW/211 ch/350 Nm
  4. C300 : 2.0/180 kW/245 ch/370 Nm
  5. C400 4Matic : V6 3.0/245 kW/333 ch/370 Nm
  6. C43 AMG 4Matic : V6 3.0/270 kW/367 ch/520 Nm
  7. C220d / C220d 4Matic : 125 kW/170 ch/400 Nm
  8. C250d : 150 kW/204 ch/500 Nm

Source : Mercedes-Benz

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