Lotus 3-Eleven, Will more extreme in 2016

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Lotus 3-Eleven, Will more extreme in 2016 – Barter a bit ‘of weight in exchange for a leap forward of net power. And ‘what we can expect from Lotus 3-Eleven, very special boat that will take over from the 2-Eleven, launched in 2007 and characterized by the formula dear to the English: featherweight, cavalry “right” and so many emotions on the track. If that object strange could remove a zero-percent from 3 “9 with” just “255 horses, sons of a 1.8-liter supercharged engine with supercharger Roots, it is easy to imagine what he can do with 420 horsepower.

And ‘the threshold rumored across the Channel, where he works on the development of the super sports car that will not remain confined between the curbs of a track, although it is the most suitable habitat for Eleven, given the opportunity to obtain approval for use on the road, thanks necessary adjustments, from headlights.
Think of the design is impossible at the moment, lacking the basics. Sure will focus primarily on aerodynamics, because the goal is to turn around the Nurburgring to 7 minutes, threshold hypercar and certainly not from the technique it iperleggera rough.

Lotus 3-Eleven  engine. V6 3.5 liter Exige S. E ‘here the main novelty. Cubic almost double and horses accordingly. By 400 of the Evora it will gain even a handful of power, run by a 6-speed manual transmission. It will not be an increase painless, because it will force to sacrifice the value of 670 kg in weight, with the objective of not however go beyond the 800. The new configuration could lead to a zero-percent 3 “0 and a little more, compared a maximum speed substantially higher than 250 km / h current.

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