Lexus RX 200t in Shanghai, 4-cylinder Turbo-230Hp

Monday, October 15th, 2018 - Lexus, News 2015

Lexus RX 200t Front angle (Large)

Lexus RX Review

Lexus RX 200t, comes the turbo four-cylinder SUV on premium Japanese. It will not be for our market, but testified that the downsizing involves one of the best seller of the house. At the Shanghai Motor Show the RX 200t did then head alongside the version with the 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 petrol and the RX 450h, the hybrid, who for years has worked for an excellent reputation even in our latitudes, and that will remain the only variant on the market on the Italian market.
Lexus RX 200t White Turbo Powertrain
The Lexus RX 200t will be less powerful of the two older sisters who airspace (also a thrust power) to their advantage. But it promises to be discharged. The 2.0 four-cylinder in fact delivers more than 230 horsepower (about 70 less than the V6) thanks to the adoption of a twin scroll turbine. Obviously benefits from the restyling, both in terms of driver assistance systems, both in key style similar to the smaller (and daring) NX.

Lexus Rx 200t In Shanghai

Lexus RX 200t in Shanghai, 4-cylinder Turbo-230Hp Pictures

Lexus Rx 200t White Turbo Sport LargeLexus Rx 200t TurboLexus Rx 200t Rear AngleLexus Rx 200t In ShanghaiLexus Rx 200t Front Angle LargeLexus Rx 200t Detail
Lexus RX 200t in Shanghai, 4-cylinder Turbo-230Hp | | 4.5

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