While the first generation XF revolutionized the style of Jaguar, the next version will be part of the aesthetic continuity of its predecessor. This should not obscure the considerable technical changes.

A road made of steel while the family of the range makes extensive use aluminum? It is an anomaly that the XF has to repair. Even if it has not fashioned his big sister by his style, which is in continuity, the new XE given effect in him an old shot technically. But the insult will be short, since the next XF will be presented at the show in New York in early April … two months before his sis arrives in concession. Exploiting the same aesthetic vein, the two models also share the same platform, which employs aluminum proportion. The entry-level Jaguar road and descend under 1600 kg, without cutting staffing or quality workmanship.

The other objective is to cut ties with Ford, the former owner of Jaguar. This requires the introduction of new four-cylinder 2.0 petrol and diesel house, called Ingenium. But how to BMW, and soon Mercedes, Jaguar drift also a six-cylinder in-line 3.0 based on these new blocks, repeating the same per cylinder. A way to make economies of scale while resurrecting a long dear to the brand architecture, which was used until the 1990s keeping with propulsion, the 2016 XF thought should also not take too long to propose AWD variants and wagon body. Two assets that were appeared very late on the current generation.

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