Hot News – No Plate 8 For Porsche 911

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 2015 porsche 911 Targa 4S Blue right agle

Porsche 911 – Overview

Under the hood of the Porsche 911, it is traditionally a 6 cylinder air plane nicknamed flat 6, soon replaced by a variation of the turbo. However, the evolution will stop there for now and the engine range of the famous German coupe will not be joined by a hypothetical flat 8.

Rumors of a Porsche flat 8 are not new. However, they never directly affecting Porsche 911 and Heinz-Jakob Neusser, head of engine VAG, wanted to end any speculation that the brand has thought at one point the development of this type of engine: “We were in the process of pre- development, but we never did. “

A Flat 8, with a displacement of 5.0L approaches, it would really be too big for the engine compartment of a 911.

Finally, Neusser believes that the arrival of turbo has its advantages and still allow the block to climb high in the towers. “Having a turbo is not a problem, it will give us more freedom in engine design” A Flat 6 turbo It should equip all future versions of the Porsche 911 restyling planned for the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Source: Autocar

Illustration Credit: Porsche

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