Future Bugatti Veyron : Over 460 km/h?

Future Bugatti Veyron Preview

Bugatti Veyron : Overview

The Bugatti Veyron is the bow and his successor continues his development. Seen as a mule based on the Veyron, which could take the surname Chiron continues to fuel rumors.

Once again the side of the company Molsheim, execution speed will be the center of attention. The Veyron had already set the bar very high, Chiron should go even further if we are to believe the latest tidibits.

This future supercar Alsatian could swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in just two seconds and reach a top speed of 463 km / h. Performance made from the same block 8.0L W16 of the Bugatti Veyron has increased 1,500 horses. An architecture to 14 cylinders was also considered. To be part of the same dynamic that the recent LaFerrai Ferrari or McLaren P1, Chiron future should also benefit from a hybrid system.

While these may seem suposées performance more or less improbable, there is no doubt that the replacement for the Bugatti Veyron will enforce its qualities straight beating new records.

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  • Future Bugatti Veyron Preview

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