Ford Focus RS : Overview

Ford Focus RS is already perfect? No, engineers and designers can never make “best car”. Finance people of economic and marketing are always there to chafar ideas. As they began to explore the possibilities of the new Ford Focus RS is given the choice of having a body “clean” with broad wings, as had happened with the first two generations of the model, or have developed an intelligent all-wheel drive.

The engineers who wanted to put a lot of power and handling of the new Focus, decided that, given the state of the art, making a total workforce would be more interesting this time. And with only 10 horses less, the Civic Type R is also presented in Geneva with the contents of a self-locking and front wheel drive. But this Focus Fund seeks another style.

During the launching ceremony of the car a couple of weeks ago, the engineers explained that the purpose of the new Ford Focus RS has been to create a split personality of the car. The Ford Focus RS typical customer has evolved and matured. And the average age to which it was addressed first generation no tendency for the third tranche. Twentysomethings with the money and the will to walk past their thirties has parents who want a car as radical, but at the same time offering more versatility.

With that best fits the idea that the Ford Focus RS now sing two buttresses and light green or now take five doors.┬áBut do not be fooled by appearances: E ‘faster, more efficient and better manage “more than 320 horses” that provides the 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder petrol. The duality of behavior is achieved through various mappings applied to the motor system, and tension between the “drift” is included to send more torque to the rear axle and allows “Hoonigang” recognized as self Ken Block at the press conference a few days ago was held in Geneva.

the dynamics of the review would be too risky now. We will have to try out the new appliance Blue Oval and draw conclusions on the ground. Aesthetically, and personally, I still fails the front, which has received bad black plastic, which does not seem at all. The lack of muscular fins annoys me too. Everything to the point where I would like to say that I find more appealing less able Focus ST (kill me).

But these machines are not able to evaluate their aesthetics. Canyet stretch, I hope that you had to give judgment on this car as soon as possible.

Ford Focus RS Pictures

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