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Ferrari 488 GTB and FXX K formula 1
Ferrari 488 GTB, FXX K, F1 ConceptWhat can be the dream of a designer passionate about sports cars? Drawing shapes of a Ferrari. Flavio Manzoni, head of the Style Centre in Maranello, with his men, he did much more. It has created three in a few months! Mica any three. 

The three most beautiful Ferrari, significant and extreme imaginable: a sedan, a ipercar and even a Formula One! The first is the Ferrari 488 GTB, the new coupe turbo that replaces the iconic 458: a major breakthrough because the 488 identifies the historic passage – forty years after the launch of the parent 308 – from the atmospheric V8 supercharged V8 on smallest coupe Maranello.

Ferrari 488 GTB Photo 

The second is the FXX-K, version only runway de LaFerrari, the Red most extreme ever built. That he did exclaim Sebastian Vettel, when he led at Fiorano, a spontaneous “oh my!” In Italian, while controsterzava, the brutality of the power delivery. The most powerful Ferrari ever (1050 horsepower), the most expensive (2.5 million euro) and also the only one that you can buy but do not use the street because it is not approved; and that it should be used only on track in track days under the supervision of the technicians of the Horse.

Ferrari FXX K Photo 

The third is a Formula One. Not the SF15- T Vettel and Raikkonen, but a concept that the futuristic F1 F1 today resumes mechanical but not the forms, which are revolutionary. It is a proposal-provocation wanted by the Ferrari F1 team to prove to Ecclestone and Todt who, by loosening the strict technical rules that have approved the forms of the cars today and instead giving the green light to the imagination of the designers of cars, you can make the car really Special and aggressive. How should be a category of revolutionary F1.

Ferrari 4F1 Concept Photos
For a series of strange coincidences, Manzoni and his men of the Style Centre in Maranello had to perform almost the same time, between mid-2014 and early 2015, these three key projects of the Horse. Cars are very different. Each with its own strong personality. But ideas and insights are intertwined during processing and in the end we found many small affinity and citations common stylistically between these Ferrari so different from each other. A form that is repeated, the revival of a profile or a turning vane (the flow direction of F1). There are many more details of what you can imagine, the children of each other, between 488 and FXX-K, between F1 and 488 and so on.

Chatting with Flavio Manzoni at the Geneva we discovered how, in the head of the designer who traces the style, the details of each model have been able to influence the shapes of the other. A magic that you can realize this only in Maranello, the cradle of a culture unique and exclusive. In factory which otherwise may be a fashion designer to draw three cars at the same time so different and so special? 

“The first project that started was that of the 488 – tells Manzoni – the FXX-K has developed shorter, being a derivation de LaFerrari. At 488 instead worked for two and a half years, many use it to set the shapes of a model. The F1 concept was the final work and allowed us to indulge the fantasy. “

Ferrari 488 GTB Detail 

Manzoni explains what rules follows the Style Centre in Maranello draw a Ferrari. “In the case of 488 and FXX-K there is a similar approach to the forms, even if two cars are not comparable. By car from the track there are different needs: aerodynamics is to force more showy. While the production model is more discreet and integrated in the form of the car it would take away the purity of lines. The cleaning is the basis of our work. But the approach is common and the work of designers we can not ignore the knowledge aerodynamic. We start to draw shapes when we realized what serves technicians. And the form is never an end in itself but to the function. There is always a constant dialogue with the engineers to understand what is in them and we try to find the solution that solves the problem of style. This is the beauty of Ferrari: the company is relatively small, we are a compact group that knows how to work in teams: in five minutes you organize with experts from various fields, aerodynamics, engine, electronics, visions set models and prototypes and exchange opinions . It is also and above all about the culture that is in Ferrari: here because we produce the best performing cars in the world, there is also a special attention and a high knowledge of the aerodynamic aspects “. 

You could say that the forms of the 488 GTB are born that way. Designed by the technical requirements than those pencils. Manzoni continues: “An example: the side of the 488 has now presented the need to carry a large entrance to the intercooler. We had to point out in this model the presence of the turbo engine: it was the key element and was highlighted. But it was also found a technical solution to the problem of cooling. The key is to understand the reasoning that we do not live the constraints as problems, but as an opportunity to develop a special design. This is creativity it takes to do something different and more functional. In the case of the 488 there was a need for the thermal intercooler and on the side, which has a dihedral shape, we designed a duct aerodynamic part by the door, with a flaring ogive that serves as the “invitation” air , and towards the end of the side turn into an air intake divided horizontally into two: in the air goes to cool the intercooler, above instead of the duct results in an output that is known behind the sides of the rear light. The result is that from a technical problem – to cool the intercooler – did the opportunity to lend a distinctive style to the side of the 488 that makes it different from the 458. As you can see, all the aerodynamic solutions and techniques are integrated into form without protruding spoiler that disturb the line. 

Another example Manzoni does citing the spoilers of the FXX and 488-K. Two queues very different but that arise from a common requirement: to ensure downforce and crush the ground the machine in the curve. We seek to incorporate the aerodynamic shape to keep clean lines. Do not superimpose spoiler to the body, but they derive by subtracting the form. Therefore, the 488 has a spoiler based on a principle different from a normal wing: call spoiler “blown”. In this case do not create a circling air around an airfoil exterior, but the spoiler is flush with the body, integrated in the form of the rear lid, and we designed an air passage that is channeled under the bodywork. You see in the picture towards the end of the rear window. There the air flow, finding a resistance, causes downforce crushing the car to the ground. But since there is a protruding wing, this solution creates downforce without worsening the Cx. In the case of K-FXX instead the need is different: here we are on track and serves great downforce. But even in this case we have avoided to use a fixed wing to the entire width. The project of the FXX-K originally intended by the two “candelabra” rear, which are two small spoiler supported by two supports, to the outer sides of the tail. It is a device used a lot in F1 a few years ago when there was more freedom aerodynamics. But even here we wanted to do something different and we have eliminated one of the supports leaving only the “fin” that connects to the external side which then acquire an additional function: not only has the aim of supporting the flap, but also to contain and direct the flow of air that goes to discharge the rear wing protruding removable only in situations of high downforce and retracts at low speed “. 

As the technical conditions aesthetics and vice versa is demonstrated by the subsequent explanation that makes Manzoni: “The fin on the tail side acquires the appearance of a rudder from combat aircraft and allows the FXX-K to take on a” beat “that was missing to LaFerrari original that was devoid of candlesticks. “ 

The trim beaten is but the Italian definition of that configuration “rake”, to use the Anglo-Saxon terminology dear to the aerodynamics of F1, that is so fashionable today in Grand Prix and was introduced by Adrian Newey on Red Bull and which is now seen on all the cars: profile views most of the Formula One current appear quite raised behind and “punched” toward the front for aerodynamic reasons. The FXX-K, in side view, assumes the same grit of an F1 with this trick. 

The design of a real F1, “rake” or not, Manzoni has approached when the Scuderia Ferrari has asked the center style draw a symbolic car that was promoting a new styling and technical at the same time. “A fantastic experience for the Centro Stile – says Manzoni – why we happened to have a request from the racing team for the evolution of the concept Formula One.”

Ferrari FXX K Concept

And here Manzoni, addressing the design of a single-seat model based on the actual size, has discovered a weakness of the current F1. “To the eye of a designer, today’s F1, like cars, are unhappy because they are disproportionate: they are long but too narrow roadways and tires to shoulder excessively high self streamers are but little aggressive. We must overcome a stereotype: you can make a nice car with a single-seat open-wheel where there is the help of the fenders to increase aggression. Just change a few things. “

That’s what they did the men of the Ferrari Styling Centre. “We simply changed the proportions: expanded roadways and sides, now a bit ‘over the size dell’attuali Regulation, and put 18” wheels that give a lot more oomph to the car. We applied the fairings on the wheels to make a proposal in chiavesicurezza avoid takeoffs in an impact wheel to wheel (even the cars are like IndyCar, ed). But there is a project born in solitude this: we have worked closely with Allison, the technical director of the F1 team and Head of aerodynamics, De Beer: with them we shared the project freezing forms only when everybody we were convinced “. 

The beauty is that even in the project concept F1 there is something of the FXX and 488-K: quotes, details, insights. To close the circle of the identity of style. “There is a certain analogy – explains Manzoni – between the side bellies of the F1 and the sides of the FXX-K, for example in the shape of the gills” bosses “, which are noted in the two cars, are details of functional style that are part the history of F1. And I also like the three-dimensional surfaces of the two cars that seem to wrap around themselves and tend to embrace the radiators. “

Ferrari F1 Concept 156 F1 

At the end of the circle is closed. Everything starts with the F1 and F1 returns. As in a sketch style that Flavio Manzoni had designed a few years ago, to emphasize the analogy between the front air intake de LaFerrari strongly inspired by that of the Ferrari 156 F1 “shark nose” with which Phil Hill won the world championship 1961.
Ferrari, the history of the 488 GTB, FXX K, Concept F1 – LaFerrari “shark nose” tribute to the 156 F1 champion 1961

Ferrari 488 Gtb Photo

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