Dodge Viper ACR Featrured and Date Release

Friday, October 19th, 2018 - Dodge

2015 Dodge Viper ACR   front

Dodge Viper ACR Specs and Date Release – It has the features of the prototype from the track, but is approved for daily use. Provided that the huge rear wing of the Dodge Viper ACR is not a problem for you, because if the risk to pass unnoticed with a Viper is almost nil, with the treatment of STR division and changes to the variant ACR resets also minimum percentage.

And ‘the fastest ever, and not because of the availability of horses, 645 and 815 Nm of torque, delivered by the V10 from 8.4 liters of cubic capacity, as for the aerodynamic and chassis.
Generating an acceleration of 1.5 G side is not an everyday thing, we succeeded in giving Dodge an extreme aerodynamic package, consisting of a rear wing wide one meter and 87 centimeters, carbon fiber, adjustable to multiple positions and with removable elements, so as to adapt to the configuration of the circuit, giving priority to the most aerodynamic load, or a balance that does not penalize too much the speed of the tip. Subtleties as the gurney flap underline the attention to detail.

The front, however, features a splitter also removable, completed by the fins in front of the wheels, to give the axis load and improve the accuracy of the front. Functional objective are also the air vents on the wheel arch, for which one can adopt the traditional configuration or remove them and further reduce the pressure in the wheel compartment.
The synthesis in numbers of new aerodynamics of Dodge Viper ACR has generated in the 1000 kg at 283 km / h, such is the level of downforce, the highest of any other car in production, they say in Dodge. Obviously, a carbon diffuser gives his fine contribution to obtaining the result. If the Viper T.A. (Time Attack) there appeared already the top, the ACR generates three times more cargo.

Move smoothly between the curbs, however, also it requires the right shoes, which are of Kumho developed specifically for the Viper ACR, to the extent 295/25 R19 front and 355/30 R19 at the rear. Stop is a matter left entirely to the Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, from 390 mm in front and 360 rear, discs “bites” from 6:04 piston calipers.
However extreme, there still remains a supercar that you can use on public roads and electronic monitors to cut many different souls can be many areas of employment: Full On, all active controls; Sport, Track; Rain; Full Off, with whom rely on their own capabilities.

On the front suspension, the suspension present with adjustable shock absorbers – 10 positions for rebound, as many compression – Bilstein, and the ride height varies with a range up to 5 cm.
Date Release. You’re already in love with the Viper ACR? The first deliveries will arrive at the end of 2015.
2015 Dodge Viper Acr Test

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