Concept Lexus LF-SA

Lexus LF-SA is an urban solution? It is not the first time that Lexus had discussed plans to develop an urban model. In the wake that has marked his Audi A1 or BMW with its Mini, Lexus wants a model below its compact CT200h. We are not surprised that takes advantage of internal synergies of the Toyota group, the Yaris Hybrid works really well. If that model is improved technical specifications, you grant an atmosphere of luxury and a sportier design, we would have the perfect urban for Lexus. But the market is very variable, who would tell us a few years ago that the Qashqai was going to be a bestseller and a leader in the market. Or that the Captur, Juke, 2008…would also be a best seller, but it is. With what we now consider that Lexus plans on its urban model may come in the form of crossover, it’s not unreasonable. Especially if we look at the first leaked images of the prototype presented at the Geneva Motor Show next week. With all of you, the Lexus LF-SA. With this concept car I have accumulated several questions in my head. Clearly we have before us a concept car (that’s more than obvious), and thus many of its technical solutions will never see embodied in a production car. But I venture to say that Lexus is showing the outlines of future urban model.

What is surprising is not its futuristic design, normal for concept car that showcases the brand, but the shape and type of your body. It is halfway of a crossover and urban type. Large wheels with large tires and ground clearance, force us to think that we have before us the “Juke” Lexus. But if we eliminate this detail and add a “standard” wheels, despite having spent a large wheel, discover a city with a great coat of regularity. I invite you to enlarge the passage of wheels of a Yaris and put him wheels 22″ inches, is not far away from this concept. The calender of LF-SA emanates aggressiveness and follows the familiar pattern we see in the latest models of Lexus. Its rear, with a high gate, boasts muscle and design, with minimal LED strip created the rear lights and fall flat back glass creates a cut for added packing and emphasize aggressiveness. Despite boast straight lines and edges, found in many parts of roundings conceptual model. As the roof, front bumper, rear bumper. This visual impact has been well resolved, and straight elements give the feeling emanating from the body and do not become coarse and simpletons added, as we have seen in many cases. In short, Lexus is teaching his letters with this LF-SA. Possibly we are in front of a rolling laboratory in the form of concept car, to study the reaction of professionals and the public. You like?

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