Buick Cascada 2015 : 200 Horsepower Turbo Ecotech

Friday, October 12th, 2018 - Buick, News 2015

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Buick is a new loan for the German brand Opel. The great Cascada cabriolet try to outsell the Atlantic compared to its European counterpart. This new feature is also great news for Buick knew no cabriolet in its range for 25 years!

After the Opel Insignia, the Mokka crossover and also the Astra five-door, here is a new Buick Opel in ranks. If these models for the US company still put his touch on the front of this Cascada, Buick manages a rigorous rebadging this grille with horizontal slats. At the expense of the elite designation, Buick also opt for the name of the European version unlike Verano, Regal and Encore alias Astra, Insignia and Mokka.

Although with its four 70 meters in length, this coupe cabriolet seems cut for America. Under the hood, it’s a four-cylinder, which will take place, including a 1.6-liter 200 horsepower turbo Ecotech. The set will be led by a six-speed automatic. Imported the old continent, the Buick Cascada will arrive in concession in 2016.

Buick Cascada Interior

Buick Cascada : Spesification 2015

Now it is confirmed, will unveil its new Buick convertible in Detroit show tomorrow. The biggest surprise actually takes its name, since GM has chosen to retain the name Cascada.

For his first concert in 25 years, Buick has finally given the name of the elite, evoking a brand concept. And ‘Finally, Cascada that is maintained for this American version of the Opel Cascada.

To become a Buick, this convertible is little effort in terms of style, since only changes its logo. He even refuses to adopt the traditional grid “water fall” of the brand, maintaining the wide chrome strip horizontal Opel. This did not stop to seamlessly integrate with a wide range Buick taken by the German portfolio: Regal (Insignia) Verano (Astra Sedan) or Encore (Mokka).

German, this Buick will also be in production. Market in early 2016, which will be imported as the volumes are too small for a local production. Volume of demand, you can count on a segment completely abandoned by brands “non-premium”, particularly from rental agencies in the South, where it will replace a tradition Chrysler (LeBaron, Sebring, 200).

Mechanical side, the Buick Cascada retains only 1.6L Turbo 200 hp and 280 Nm, mated to a 6-speed automatic.

Buick Cascada

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