BMW X6 Cabriolet : Overview

We already know that Land Rover boils the likely arrival in the catalog of a convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque. BMW could take the same route with its X6 allowing its occupants to ride with the wind too.

Nothing has been confirmed, but the one to whom we owe the design of the current generation of BMW X6 (illustration), Tommy Forsgren, suggested that this case was not unthinkable. In the columns to support the Romanian Forsgren had a good opportunity to discuss the future of his SUV coupe famous.

When he was asked if the brand intends to decline the convertible BMW X6, his answer was evasive: “I can not say anything about it.” This does nothing but confirm that he still has the advantage of leaving some doubt. Although the convertible bond market is in decline, the crossover is longer wears well, and merge the two bodies could be an interesting marketing ploy, especially for its strong brand image and BMW.

BMW X6 M Performance : Overview

The turning of the new BMW X6 to benefit from the M Performance Package and its various features. Which combine a bit ‘more than song and plumage.

As before, the new BMW X6, in turn adopts several features grouped around the M Performance Package. Already mechanically. Therefore, adopting the kit performance, the X6 xDrive30d password 258 hp to 277 hp and torque from 560 Nm to 585 Nm, 0 to 100 km / h advantage in going to ask two tenths less. Ditto for the xDrive35i with 306 hp to 326 hp, maximum torque from 450 Nm to 400 Nm against, this is reflected with a 0 to 100 km / hour Navi five tenths of a second faster. And if these kits offer more power and torque, fuel consumption do not move the precautions of the manufacturer for the propeller.

In addition, there are the traditional additional features like alloy wheels 21 different designs, “for example, the gain of 1.5 kg in key elements of the aerodynamic package (front spoiler, diffuser, trunk spoiler) and also grilled black grille slats in particular. In addition, the interior is decorated with stainless steel door sills look bright, carbon fiber, mat, BMW M Performance Alcantara steering wheel when the offer is also complemented by a brake kit.

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BMW X6 M Performance Engine Pictures

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