BMW 228i Convertible Review and First Drive

Saturday, October 13th, 2018 - BMW, News 2015
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BMW 228i Convertible Review and First Drive – Compared to the 1 Series Convertible its predecessor, the “2” has revised upwards all its dimensions: length + 72 mm + 26 mm in width, + 2 + mm in height and 30 mm wheelbase . This compact discoverable 4.43 m thus becomes wedged on its designated rival, the Audi A3 convertible (4.42 m), and away from some other bourgeois, the Volkswagen Golf Convertible (4.27 m ). In addition to these millimeters earned on its predecessor, magazines proportions (long bonnet, low waistline and perfectly straight, door-to-short overhangs, broad muscular shoulders and stern) grant to the series 2 a much more elegant slender line. So, it can quickly fall in love, especially when this convertible garaged his canvas in the enhanced soundproofing (optional Audi) in its housing via a push of a button. Headwear up, BMW promises a reduction of 5 dBA at the front and at the back 7 dBA. What is much as 3 dBA already equivalent to 50% less noise.We will soon have the opportunity to check it out on our bases Montlhery through our ISO measurement protocol. However, in this first test on the roads of Texas near Austin, the Series 2 has shown that well-mastered wind noise. Unlike many convertibles, we found, in fact, there was no need to force your voice to converse in normal configuration “cut”. In fact, on board the interior, which, again, will not confuse the least fans of the brand with the Propeller, the only intruder who stands out on this highway we “cruisons” nearly 80 miles per hour (129 km / h), turns the tire rolling noise 205/50 R 17 Series 228i Sport our footwear. A purr that moved “back” into the passenger compartment, also carefully presented, tidy and well finished. One wrong move quickly apologized as we pass a good time at the controls of this series 2 headless.

Front Angle BMW 228i Convertible - Cars HD WallpaperAnd there is no need to drive like Fangio. Roll quiet (or not!) In pairs, in the open with the windows and the lifts antiremous net in place – unfortunately optional – is a real pleasure. If the musicality of this four-cylinder 228i is not transcendent, the 2.0 BMW turbo 245 hp and 350 Nm of torque (from 1,250 rev / min only) associated here, at extra cost, the eight-speed automatic transmission ” sport “with paddle shifters and the starting type function F1 (Launch Control) provides elegant temperament to convertible. To the point of almost forget its 1630 kg (1505 kg for the Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S tronic 180) or 170 kg more than the Coupe. Front engine, ideal 50/50 weight distribution, this propulsion proves balanced and effective. Our 228i Convertible was, it is true, “full options”. Besides lots of driving aids come standard, our model had the SelectDrive suspension damping pilot- Comfortable in Comfort mode and significantly firmer Sport and Sport +, but with a roll better content – as well as the DirectDrive very incisive steering variable steering ratio.

2015 BMW 228i Convertible - Cars HD WallpaperSport at heart, this BMW 228i Convertible (€ 3,800 more expensive than the Coupe, including penalties and equipment, price in April 2015) is also known to be pleasant, livability and trunk volume is very acceptable. Moreover, no parasitic vibration comes thwart comfort or highlight a lack of chassis stiffness (20% increase compared to the Series 1). As usual, the two rear passengers are worse off, despite a longer wheelbase than Series 1. In addition Aeolus which invites further into the passenger compartment and generates strong drafts as and As speed increases, the space reserved just for them is still considered a long journey. Especially if two “dual meter” are in the front. Seated across and knees bent at 90 degrees … it can do to go to the beach next door. But its main rival, the Audi A3, which in comparable engine, offers exactly the same price / performance ratio, is no better side livability, has a safety more measured (260 dm3 announced, against 280 to 335 dm3 for Series 2) and, above all, was less funny to drive.

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