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Apple iCar, the drive to a trillion dollars. It is not science fiction, the House of Cupertino, now has long been known, aims to have his car, almost certainly Automated Guided (piloted driving) and is moving more and more decided, as confirmed by Sergio Marchionne.

A new challenge, that if centered, would drive up the value of the shares of Apple. The car market in the world has an estimated value of 2.200 billion dollars. And this has pricked the antennae Carl Ichan, one of the major investors of Apple (owns 53 million shares! That is worth about 6.5 billion dolalri) who wrote to the CEO, Tim Cook, saying that the value of the shares for Ichan now undervalued, could nearly double, with the entry of the brand in the auto market and also in that of pay TV. Going from 130 to 240 dollars. This was announced by USA Today, adding that Apple will be the first company to reach the market capitalization of one trillion (trillion) dollars. And the iCar could drive up even more this figure: if the entry into the pay ty is expected next year, 2016, for the car of 2020 Apple will have to wait.

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But progress they are making. Apple is making major expenses, the last purchase in the future car development strategy has been to Coherent Navigation, a company specializing in GPS tracking. The company is developing a super GPS, able to detect the position with an almost absolute precision, a margin of a few centimeters, rather than meters. This is thanks to the combination of satellite data with those of high-orbit Iridium network, which are “low orbit”. Buying it seems also dedicated to the future car, not only to improve the Maps app, not just the very best of the brand. A lot of stuff in store, but we have to wait a few years.

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