Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior Review Design

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 - Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulia Overview

Alfa moved several waves presentation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the car most anticipated of 2015. Praise and criticism, fans and haters, the new sports sedan Alfa has clearly made inroads, for better or even at his detractors. He did not leave anyone indifferent: and that in itself is an achievement not trivial.

The exterior design, but with clear references, the Alfa trefoil, some freebies to Maserati, but also pure inspiration from the competition, he has, as always, was very enthusiastic and others less. But will also inside the car which will be played in the future and the prestige of the Romeo Giulia, to look and quality, because should always be remembered that it will be a model that will compete with the premium competition.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Dashboard

The dashboard is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, in a modern interpretation of the philosophy that made the Alfa car details. Driver-oriented (as in the recent past, the 156) with a trend a bit ‘wavy, to communicate dynamism. The keys of modernity are many commands, and also the palette, concentrated on the steering wheel and button engine start, racing heritage and reference to Ferrari. Two knobs on the centre tunnel leading (the third is for the volume) for the infotainment and DNA, the selector settings.

It must still check “by hand” the quality of the materials. But the analog instrumentation to binoculars, as the legendary Giulia GTV and many other Alfa, is a reference to the past (from different digital cockpit) and the steering wheel itself is a modernization of elements of legendary models, such as side air vents.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Dashboard

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