2016 Mercedes E-Class, The New Technology

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2016 Mercedes E-Class, the new technology will come only in the spring of 2016, but is already beginning to talk about the next generation of the Mercedes E-Class While in Sindelfingen and around the technical department of the Mercedes will even disguised prototypes of the next saloon, the brand of the star reveals some of the news provided on the car. Many of the innovations launched on the prestigious Series D in 2103 have cascading effects on other models, beginning with the intelligent guidance systems (Intelligent Drive). So the next E-Class will be equipped with stereoscopic camera, with a radar system and sensors that will allow a guide semiautonomous following other vehicles at speeds between 0 and 200 km / h.

2016 Mercedes e class sedan

2016 Mercedes E-Class Update

Active cruise control Distronic not only adapt to the speed limits on the road and those above, but will also be able to follow, acting on the steering wheel, the vehicle in front even when cornering. For a higher safety is provided for a system of automatic braking in case of emergency, for example in the vicinity of the crossings. Any maneuver to avoid the obstacle, once started, will be helped by an action of support to the steering. Among the changes is more an unprecedented action that PreSafe system, recognized by 200 milliseconds of the imminence of a side impact, it acts on the external support of the seat back by 3-4 cm towards the inside of the car the body of its occupant. In addition a special noise stimulate the reflex hammer inner ear, almost closing it, so the next bang caused by the opening of the air bag is less harmful towards Ear.

Mercedes Benz E class 2016 Interior

2016 Mercedes E-Class Features

The Mercedes engineers have studied for the new car an increasingly close touch with smartphones that will use them as key to open and close the car. Who has a system Android or iOS will then make parking the car outside via a dedicated application and easy to use. The development of telematics systems is finally opening up new horizons for communication between vehicles, with the opportunity to be informed of all kinds of unexpected out of the range of vision. An accident behind the curve, the level crossing closed, the icy road and much more information will be available well in advance for the benefit of safety. Speaking of safety, the new E-Class will introduce new LED projectors to 84 instead of the current 24, with tangible improvements in the distribution of light and lighting of the road.

2016 Mercedes E Class Wallpaper

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