2016 Mazda CX-3 Crossover Review

Friday, October 26th, 2018 - Mazda

2016 Mazda CX-3 – Overview

2016 Mazda CX-3 Different and original road with crossover B-SUV: the arrow that all manufacturers should have to their bow, to center the recovery in the European market. And in the case of actually less rooted in our country can give a boost to commercial proportions than ever before: this is what you expect from the Mazda CX-3, a model full of technological features original – as is traditional in the House – and already the focus of great expectations.

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Key Concepts: Kodo and Skyactiv. There are two key concepts in which the car is his personality: the design, informed by the latest trends in the design language Kodo, and the mantra of solutions Skyactiv, a set of ideas far from trivial applied in the construction of the body, the engines and transmissions of Mazda CX-3.

2016 Mazda CX-3 Engines

Two engines in 2016 CX-3 is very interesting. The most striking, perhaps, is the choice of naturally aspirated gasoline engine. That has nothing to envy, says the House, the growing number of small turbo children of downsizing, in terms of pleasantness and efficiency. The cubic centimeters, in Hiroshima, they still count, and then away with a nice two-litre from the high compression ratio (14: 1), in the versions of 120 and 150 horsepower. At his side a small diesel 1.5 litres and 105 horsepower, just as interesting for the extremely low compression ratio (14.8: 1).

Road with diesel. The specificity of the technical choices results in a driving experience very special, hard to confuse with that of other competitors most “orthodox”: we realized after a few km with the first review sample, a diesel with manual transmission and traction front in setting intermediate.

Delivery unmistakable: pulls up to 5,000. The diesel engine developed by Mazda in CX-3 2016 is virtually vibration-free, as well as quiet enough. Apart from a certain laziness in the entry threshold of the turbo (which comes in quite gently) the provision is appreciated for its regularity, and for an extension that is undoubtedly the characteristic figure: the Skyactiv-D pulls straight up to five thousand, without flattening at the top, as happens with other diesel. Copy for the operation, the 1.5 would have deserved a few more horsepower to express themselves even better.

Steering and manual transmission ok, trim unremarkable. The four-cylinder is an ideal companion in the six-speed manual gearbox, which is also from the lineage Skyactiv: smooth and precise grafting, is combined with a clutch pleasantly light. “Right,” even the steering wheel, which conveys the idea of a front end agile, without excelling in feedback. Very soft trim instead of the cars with 16 “wheels (the only alternative is the 18”): the car is comfortable and springy, but jumping from one corner to another inland Catalan there felt like reactions clearer and faster by the loom.

The gem-head-up display. The driving position, moreover, is one of those that makes you want to drive: the 2016 CX-3 you sit rather low, about the same as on a GLA. Belli and sports steering wheel and dashboard, almost motorcycle: the flagship Exceed is a rev counter in the middle (on the other speedometer) and the head-up display. Not great, but the Mazda remains the only one to offer it in the segment.

Perceived quality at the top. The crossover Japanese, in fact, is among the best in class for quality that conveys the impression of a board, the refined design, the tactile feedback command (vents, buttons, knobs infotainment), the bill inserts. Carefully considered details, such as the thin transverse strip that embellishes the dashboard and the stitching of the leather upholstery. Not pleasant, however, the area below the climate controls, where an anonymous panel of hard plastic hosts inputs USB and Aux.

Well infotainment, but not without flaws. The infotainment inside 2016 Mazda CX-3 relies on a beautiful tablet that grows on top of the instrument panel: linear and intuitive operation dell’Mzd Connect and menu navigation via rotary controller, but not everything is perfect. Turning on headlights during the day the screen gets too dark, and the navigation software is not the fastest on the market. Rising from the galleries, for example, it always takes a few seconds too long before hanging up the satellite and recalculate the 3D maps.

The petrol 120 bhp. The second model we tested was equipped with the 2.0 120 bhp, coupled in this case the six-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive and again to the level of intermediate staging. For the less powerful petrol the same considerations made for the Skyactiv-D: regular and progressive operation, not exciting the absolute performance, which are to be found at the top, where it turns out even a few decibels too. The peak torque (204 Nm at 2,800 rpm) is reached early enough to aspirate, but ultimately the weight to the average is certainly not that of a turbo.

The automatic good, but we wanted the paddle. Good, finally, the impressions on Skyactiv-Drive automatic transmission, fast and smooth when changing gear. The manual, which also deserves the same considerations, lacks either the paddle wheel (at least on the level of preparation intermediate test), which would make the driving experience even more fun. A pity, because the 2016 Mazda CX-3 Sport mode changes profoundly the characteristics of supply and profiles changed: better not to use it in Drive, because the steps of relationship occur almost close the limiter.

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