2016 Hyundai Tucson First Test and Price

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2016 Hyundai Tucson First Test and Price – It closes a cycle and again. When it is sold, starting next September, the new Tucson SUV will be the beginning of a new phase for the Hyundai. It was with the Tucson, or rather with the SUV at the time christened with a numerical code – ix35 – that in 2010 the Hyundai launched its second generation of cars. To get rid of the self image of eastern low quality, very pointed technical content and an aggressive design (identified by the slogan “fluid sculpture”).

Now, five / six years away, its compact SUV is the first model that will launch the third generation of Hyundai. For them, the Korean company will focus on high quality content and technological innovation; This will result in the best overall performance of its cars. For which incoming modern engines and more powerful (turbo gasoline direct injection turbo diesel with high specific power) and new technologies, such as electric power steering on the steering column, electronic management of the trajectory curve in making work together power steering, 4WD and stability control and finally a brand new dual clutch 7-speed.

New 2016 HYUNDAI TUCSON review

The Hyundai Tucson SUV is the first new model in the range. It replaces the ix35 and marks the return to a traditional name for Hyundai, as it did against Santa Fe. The numerical codes from now on will remain only for sedans and city cars and SUVs will come back to use the most exotic names frontier town USA, related to the old west and transmitting taste of adventure. Tucson is a name that according to research by Hyundai still has values ​​”positive” because it was the compact SUV with which the Korean house began to establish itself in Europe in the early twenty-first century.

This new model, even if the line does not mark a revolution than the ix35 represents a huge leap forward for Hyundai. Both from the point of view of quality and mechanical. It is based on a new platform C-SUV with short overhangs but long wheelbase (2670 mm) to enhance the interior space.

The Tucson has a chassis developed and customized specifically for Europe according to the requirements of European roads. So much so that the Tucson that is sold on the continent has improved front suspension (McPherson) and behind (multilink), an electric power steering with the motor pinion for more direct and sensitive intervention on steering. While versions for the US markets or oriental not possess these refinements. For this reason the version for our Continent is not from Korea, but is built in Europe, in the Czech Republic.

The new Hyundai Tucson is 4.47 meters long, 6 cm more than the old ix35, which is recognized especially for a style even more edgy and modern, with a hexagonal grid really aggressive on the front and LED headlights that convey a dynamic personality in quest ‘car. What it is the result of the pencil of a designer Italian, Nicola Dance, which is part of the old style and Hyundai followed personally own the Tucson since the early sketches.

New 2016 HYUNDAI TUCSON Release

Two engines are the new 2-liter turbodiesel from 185 horses that accompanied the previous diesel 1.7 and 2 liters of lower power and the new 1.6 turbo petrol direct injection 177 horses that previously only existed in naturally aspirated form. This 1.6 GDI is more modern combination because it is also equipped with the new 7-speed DSG dual clutch that the turbodiesel 185 hp because there would not be able to handle the large amount of torque of the diesel engine (and is replaced by a traditional 6-speed automatic).

Surprise of the new Hyndai Tucson the dynamic qualities: the 1.6 with turbo petrol buy zippy acceleration due to the speed of the DSG and the good torque guaranteed by the turbo enhances recovery from higher gears despite the engine displacement is relatively small. At the wheel of the Tucson, despite the limitations “physical” of all SUVs, being a higher center of gravity than a conventional car, swinging more and offer a transfer load more pronounced, it performs well when driving on mixed roads and winding. It’s responsive, has little inertia when changing direction and new suspension optimized for European roads prove really effective.


One can not but note the Tucson in the quantum leap in board space, in materials, finishes and assembly; the dashboard to horizontally linear, elegant and pleasant to the touch material. And then the Tucson prennuncia is rich in terms of comfort features: heated and ventilated seats for certain versions, the 8 “screen from which handles all the infotainment, navigation software the new generation 3 times faster than the old. It even provides a free subscription for 7 years to TomTom Live system that includes several opportunities including monitoring of real-time traffic, weather, webcam and so on. Missing is the price, which will be announced after the middle of July, but that should not differ greatly from those of the ix35 starts from 20,570 Euros goes up to 33 thousand.

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