2016 Ford Galaxy Specifications, Overview and Photos

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Ford Galaxy MPV 7-seater

The new generation has been updated in design following the new design course, with thinner headlights that wrap around the trapezoidal grille, a more impressive and larger glass surfaces. Inside, the environment is more and finished, and the available space is enhanced from the large panoramic roof.

The new Galaxy introduces solutions that increase the practicality, with the third row of seats retractable, which raises and folds at the push of a button, accessible through the ability to recline the second row of seats with a single gesture. The comfort of the driver and front passenger is secured by the Multi-contour front seats with massage function active, while the second and third row benefit from the adoption of the new rear suspension Integral-link.

The new Galaxy has several technologies:
The intelligent speed limiter (Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter), which automatically reduces the maximum speed according to the limits in force, derived from vertical signs through the recognition of traffic signs on the roads or the data contained in the maps of the navigator.

The system of automatic braking assistance with pre-collision and pedestrian recognition (Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection), which recognizes the presence of pedestrians in front of the car is that the edges of the road, calculating position, distance and direction. In the event of a possible collision, the system warns the driver precharge the brakes reducing the distance between the tablets and disks and, in the absence of reaction, automatically brakes.

The LED headlights with adaptive anti-glare (Glare-Free Highbeam), who acknowledge the presence of other cars and change the light beam, continuing to fully illuminate the road, to avoid dazzling other drivers, both those that precede the car in the same lane, both those coming in the opposite direction.

Powertrain Specificatiosn of New Ford Galaxy :  It adds the new adaptive power steering (Adaptive Steering), which facilitates maneuvering at low speeds and allows more precise control of the car at higher speeds. The range of EcoBoost engines and TDCi, includes, among others, the new EcoBoost 1.5 to 160 horsepower and the new 2.0 TDCi twin sequential turbo 210 hp (450 Nm of torque from 2,000 rpm).

The 2.0 TDCi is also offered in versions with single turbine, in three power levels: 120, 150 and 180 horses, which reduce emissions thanks to an update of the design of the block, cylinder head and injection system. The trap of the further reduces NOX blocking nitrogen oxides from the exhaust. The new EcoBoost petrol are: 1.5 160 hp and 240 hp 2.0 EcoBoost, which use turbo, direct injection high pressure and dual variable valve timing and independent to ensure performance of engines from bigger, but with levels of efficiency compact units.

Ford Galaxy Interior : The seats can also be folded individually, to fit the available space to the different needs of transport, while the flat bottom of the load compartment facilitates the transport of bulky objects and is provided with a hidden compartment of 20 liters, which if necessary can be opened to increase the height and available to accommodate objects of more generous dimensions. Compared to the previous generation, the second and third row of seats earn up to 10mm of extra space for the head, 40mm more than the competing vehicles, thanks to technology Thin Seat.

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The new Galaxy has systems that help in maneuvering:
The semi-automatic parking, even in the perpendicular (Active Park Assist with Perpendicular Parking), which identifies a suitable space and automatically performs the parking both in parallel and vertically, leaving the driver to control the accelerator and brake.

Assistance exit from the parking lot (Park Assist-Out), which performs maneuvers out of the parking lot in parallel leaving the driver control the brake and accelerator. The parking sensors front and rear parking sensors side (Side Parking Aid), that warn the driver of obstacles, indicating the relative distance to the sides of the car. The notice of incoming vehicles (Cross Traffic Alert), which recognizes the presence of approaching vehicles while the driver proceeds reversing out of the parking lot, allertandolo. The front camera view fractional (Front Split-View Room), located inside the front grille, which provides a 180 degree view of the street in the 8-inch screen in the center console.

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2016 Ford Galaxy Specifications, Overview and Photos Pictures

New Ford Galaxy 2016 Rear Angle Cars Hd WallpapersNew Ford Galaxy 2016 Photo Cars Hd WallpapersNew Ford Galaxy 2016 Interior Cars Hd WallpaperNew Ford Galaxy 2016 Dashboard Cars Hd WallpaperNew Ford Galaxy 2016 Cars Hd Wallpaper
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