2016 BMW X2 Redesign and Price

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2016 BMW X2

2016 BMW X2 Overview

BMW SUV line current is almost complete, the only member is a potential X2, a car that has been rumored for some time. Recently, rumors from a privileged BMW suggested that the prototype vehicle is almost ready to go out and find a future 2016 BMW X2 will be launched on the market at the same time as the new generation X1. Unlike previous X1, X2 will be based on the UKL platform is also the same platform of the BMW Active Tourer Series 2. This means that instead of the standard configuration of the usual rear-drive car will be front-wheel drive in the base model, which is somewhat of a strange movement especially given the 1 Series, which remains the driven rear wheel.

The base price for BMW X2 or actual release date has not been confirmed by BMW but given the history of the company, two of them should be ready to be shown at the Salon Auto Frankfurt. The X2 will have a higher price than the X1, so expect the equivalent of about $ 27,000 for the European market, just a hair under the largest and most powerful X3.

Although the design has not yet been shown to the public, the car almost certainly get the same design scheme as the X4 and X6, which means you will have a very similar to the X1 interface, but will have a back end completely different, more similar to X4. This means there will be less room for people in the back, but must balance well with most high-end design and high quality materials inside the cabin. In fact, the X2 base must be a little better in terms of basic materials as the X1, but it remains to be seen.

2016 BMW X2 Engine

Engine wise 2016, the BMW X2 will probably get the same engine as the Mini, which means that the basic car should receive the turbocharged 1.5-liter engine that is capable of 160 horsepower. High-end versions will have a powerful 2-liter engine turbocharged 220 horsepower. In terms of diesel engines, on the other hand, 1.6-liters will be available with an optional pattern 2-L. All these are unfortunately going to be offered with front-wheel drive with high-end versions that are all-wheel series. There is still no word on the transmission used in the car, but a manual can not be used at all.

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