2015 Volvo S60L T6 Twin Engine

The Volvo has confirmed its commitment to vehicles with plug-in hybrid technology, presenting at the show in Shanghai the S60L T6 twin engine, which will be produced and marketed China.

Long wheelbase.
After scoring the V60 D6 Twin Engine diesel for Europe and the XC90 T8 gasoline for major world markets Volvo wanted to develop a model that meets the needs of Chinese customers without sacrificing quality features and performance typical of their premium products. Why you chose the S60 sedan L long wheelbase and was developed a new powertrain that combines the four-cylinder 2.0-E Drive petrol from 238 hp with an electric motor of 68 hp placed on the rear axle and connected to ion batteries lithium 11.2 kWh. The combined power is equal to 306 hp and 550 Nm and the car is able to emit only 49 g / km of CO2 with a range of 53 km in electric mode and a total average of 2.1 L / 100 km.

Powertrain Overview
Setup guide. At any time the driver is able to choose between the driving modes Pure, Hybrid and Power to prioritize issues, to the power or the optimization of mileage and performance is still very bright: in Power mode the car is in second grade preliminary data of touching 100 km / h acceleration in 5.6 seconds. Through the Save function is not possible to recover the maximum battery charge while driving to use then the electric motor in urban stretches: this system allows you to always have a reserve of energy in the batteries, which can also be recharged from the external network with the times variables 3.5 hours (230 V 16A) to 8 hours (6A)


Volvo S60L t6 Twin Engine Black Pictures

Volvo S60l T6 Twin Engine Interior Volvo S60l T6 Twin Engine BlueVolvo S60l T6 Twin Engine BlackVolvo S60l T6 Twin Engine Black Rear AngleVolvo S60l T6 Twin Engine Black ColorsVolvo S60l T6 Twin Engine Tail LampVolvo S60l T6 Twin Engine Rear Red Color