2015 Subaru Forester 2.0D Test, Reviews and Prices

Monday, October 8th, 2018 - Subaru
Subaru does not matter, you mean? A brand for foresters, where the appearance of your car does not really matter? Something for mining, forest and meadow residents? Well, then we have a number for you: Around 550,000 cars sold Subaru annually in the US. 550,000! Unbelievable, is not it? Especially when you know that the brand in Germany sells only about 6,200 cars. Half of it is attributable to the Forester, so he is like the face of the brand. From 28 March 2015, there are now the SUV with a new engine-gearbox combination: Boxer Diesel Plus CVT automatic. We have tested the car.
New combination: Diesel plus CVT
With cars in which you do not have to turn, the VW Group is focusing on the dual clutch transmission, Mercedes and Subaru to the transducer mechanism on the CVT transmission. In the continuously variable transmission, translation is adjusted continuously variable. In the Subaru Lineartronic calls. Also, the Forester has been so far been offered, but not the diesel version. The high torque of 350 Newton meters of the 2.0-liter diesel engine is not being met by the CVT transmission. Now this has changed, and so there is also a Subaru Forester 2.0D future linear Tronic
Rubber band effect? Barely
The main disadvantage of the CVT is known under the slogan “rubber band” effect: When accelerating, with strong use of gas the car will just suddenly loud and then soft again when going from the gas because the desired speed is reached. The noise is not so loud continuously, not parallel to the Fast becoming what the vast majority of drivers feel as disturbing. In this respect one may Subaru or the supplier congratulate Luke: The linear Tronic CVT is the only one without a rubber band effect, we know. Here nothing disturbs the acoustics is very similar to a normal automatic.

Light fuel economy
Also, gear changes are simulated, and even shift paddles, the test car. With these, you can switch between seven courses. Comfort disadvantages compared to a modern automatic converter there is none, but the benefits are low. At best, in terms of efficiency can recognize a: The consumption of the linear Tronic against the standard six-speed manual transmission is 0.4 liters of diesel in fact not high: The six-speed automatic a similar motorized Mazda CX-5, additional consumption is 0, 3 to 0.7 liters, and the Toyota RAV4 2.2 D-4D 150 hp it’s a whole liter. On the whole, the subaru Forester 2.0D Lineartronic is no consumption but wonder: the average fuel consumption of 6.1 liters is only mediocre. The corresponding RAV4 is 6.6 liters over it, the CX-5 with 5.5 liters less. A start-stop system does not provide the Forester 2.0D Lineartronic way.

€ 6 by exhaust gas recirculation
The 147-hp boxer diesel Forester’s not a bad drive, but the feeling of acceleration is at least in combination with the CVT transmission is no longer sufficient. The acoustics are not recognizable better than series diesels. Unlike before, the Forester 2.0D now complies with the Euro 6 standard. These Subaru uses a low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR low pressure). Who previously only known and an SCR system, it should be recalled: Even with an EGR can reduce NOx emissions, since the oxygen content of the combustion chamber decreases. In the low pressure EGR or not to bring the exhaust gas from pretty far back, after the particulate filter. So the stringent particulate limits of Euro 6 standards can be met.

New seven-inch navigation

Visually, the Subaru Forester is not the coronation, but the same applies to competitors like the RAV4. However Chic is the Mazda CX-fifth However, an advantage of the large glass surfaces, such as those offered by the Forester is the enormous clarity. The cockpit is acceptable. There are many places cheap hard plastic, but the Forester will be not much more than a sturdy workhorse well. Another new feature is the optional seven-inch entertainment system that also allows integration of apps and zooming with two fingers.

A little uncomfortable suspension
The chassis is in the tested equipment Sport with 18-inch wheels for long, fast stretches of motorway something to hoppelig: From about 140 pace it is uncomfortable, and the steering is then nervous. The standard all-wheel drive makes on dry roads not noticeable. In sharp cornering the SUV notorious falter remains in the frame, but here disrupt the thighs little lateral support offered seats. The space in the rear is commendable, especially in front of the knees is plenty of room. The trunk is typical SUV high, but can use it well. Optionally, there is an electrical control and lever on the side of the storage space, allow easy lay flat rear seats. The volume is 505-1592 liters rather low – CX-5 and RAV4 offer more.
Low entry prices
Subaru Forester 2.0D is available from € 30,500, with Lineartronic you pay 32,200 euros. In comparison, the competition is low: the RAV4 2.2D-4D 4×4 with automatic transmission is available from 33.390 euros, the Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv-D 150 AWD with automatic from 34,990 euros. The basic version of the Subaru is sufficient, 17-inch alloy wheels, CD radio, automatic climate control and heated seats front part of it. Electronic helpers a la Abstandstempomat, anti-collision system, Totwinkelwarner or lane departure warning system in vain in the price list.

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