2015 Mitsubishi ASX Specs and Prices

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 2015 Mitsubishi ASX Front angle
2015 Mitsubishi ASX – Motorists who are looking for a relatively favorable, robust SUV that can also score in the terrain with optional all-wheel drive are likely to be satisfied with the ASX.
Most Mitsubishi ASX first had at the general inspection (HU) ancestors – and fell while hardly adversely affect. Whether it’s suspension, lights, brakes or environmental aspects: Almost everywhere the Japanese model cuts, according to the “TUV Report 2015” significantly better than most cars of the same age. Only the brake discs have sporadically increased wear, and occasionally loses the ASX oil to the engine and transmission. But even here he proposes still better than most of the specimens.
In addition to lie unexpectedly, ASX drivers do not have to really worry too. Because of the rather small quantities sold general statements, according to the ADAC, however, are difficult to meet. More often it was discharged batteries that called the Emergency helpers on the scene. Defective transponders made when built in 2011 problems with diesels, which were built by 2012, failed at times of the turbocharger, the built in 2013, the boost pressure control.
As the market for compact SUVs was still small Specs
When the Mitsubishi ASX in 2010 came on the market, compact SUVs were not so widespread. The PSA group as lacking its own offer in the class, what prompted him to cooperate with Mitsubishi. To build the Japanese the ASX as Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4 Aircross as. Here, the ASX with its 4.30 meters long by today’s standards for small segment, and 419-1219 liters of cargo space are rather scarce.
Also, the range of engines is not exactly abundant. The 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 86 kW / 117 hp is exclusively available in combination with front-wheel drive, the two diesel with all-wheel. They make 110 kW / 150 hp, but differ in displacement and torque: The 1.8-liter engine develops 300 newton meters, the 2.2-liter unit comes to 360 Newton meters.
The base model Mitsubishi ASX 1.6 2WD from the built in 2010 according to the Price Schwacke list still around 9450 Euro and is then about 67,200 km run. For the well-equipped variant Instyle year of construction 2013, still around 17 750 euros payable (30,300 km). For a diesel ASX 1.8 Di-D 2WD the central facilities Intense 2012 buyers have about 15 700 euros schedule (62,400 km).
The small diesel starts loudly Schwacke with all-wheel drive as ASX 1.8 DI-D 4WD Invite at 11 850 Euros for a copy in 2010 at 93 600 kilometers on the counter. Better equipped (Instyle) and new (built in 2013) is to calculate the 20,350 Euro (44,850 km). Introduced later ASX 2.2 DI-D with automatic 2013 costs as Intense model still around 19 850 Euros (44,850 km).

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