2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport New Engines

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 - Land Rover
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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport New Engines – The new Ingenium diesel hold now the Land Rover Discovery Sport collection. Noise and consumption to drop significantly. In addition a new skinflint variant with pretty strange names
Land Rover is installing two new diesel engines in its brand new Discovery Sports. Why did not they do that right from the start? Who knows, in any case you are (in the new Jaguar XE first time in use) found in May two new Ingenium-diesel in the price list of Disco Sports. From September it will be delivered. One variant comes with 150 hp and 380 Newton meters, two variant makes 180 hp and 430 Newton meters. The 180-hp diesel creates zero to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 188 km / h. Both should consume 4.9 liters in the best case, and have a CO2 emissions von129 grams per kilometer.
New eco-label
At best, means that when the new (and blue) “E-Capability” down seems emblem from the rear lid. “E-Capability” sounds very awkward, but is about what, for example at VW runs on “BlueMotion”. Say: This is where 18-inch tires with lower rolling resistance, a longer translated transmission and an optimized engine tuning used. In addition, all are to have “e-capability” versions exclusively as a five-seater with a manual transmission. Choose the seven-seater with nine-speed automatic transmission, increase con- sumption and emissions to 5.3 liters and 139 grams per kilometer of CO2.
Lighter and quieter
In addition to the con- sumption, the British want to reduce the new Ingenium engines also weight and noise level. The all-aluminum diesel are particularly light and would convince thanks to extremely rigid engine blocks and decoupled injectors by an extremely low noise and vibration levels, it is at Land Rover. Frequent travelers will also appreciate the 25,000 extended to 34,000 km service intervals. The new Ingenium-diesel to replace the old 2.2-liter engines with 150 and 190 hp, which came on a standard consumption of 5.7 liters.
Modular Motor System
Each Ingenium block has the same values ​​for Borung and stroke and has a cylinder capacity of 500 cubic. The modular system (like BMW) allows a relatively simple scale up or down. A Jaguar-Land Rover three-cylinder 1.5-liter displacement should therefore soon become a reality. Likewise, new 3.0-liter six-cylinder or 4.0-liter eight-cylinder are conceivable. All Ingenium engines will also be able to run with hybrid technology. Land Rover promises towards the end of the year even more fuel-efficient version of the Discovery Sports with Ingenium-engine and front wheel drive.

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