2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta : 740 HP to the Rear Wheels

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta : Overview

A Ferrari, is above all the numbers. Here are the main, we send in words: one minute and 23 seconds is the time of Raffaele De Simone, home inspector, to sail around the Fiorano circuit at the wheel of the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. History will record that the self wins here almost two seconds on the legendary Enzo (1’24 “9), and even a full second on the dreaded 599 GTO who also held the record for Ferrari road. To achieve this level of performance, the manufacturer remained a page – almost – white.

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In terms of style, it gives us a design by Pininfarina whose elegance aggressive vies with aerodynamic efficiency. The contrast long hood aft stocky, truncated, while the sides have a clever play of volumes whose origin is in the front. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta fact marked spirits with his Aero Bridge, consisting of two side pontoons located at the base of the windscreen, and their function is to convey the air on both sides of the machine. According to Ferrari, the system has the virtue of increase lift and reduce drag. However, research shows extreme aerodynamics: 200 km / h downforce of 123 kg applies to Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, up 76% compared to the 599. And without resorting to spectacular appendices that spoil the most beautiful designs. Why yes, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is beautiful.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Engine

Technically, the new flagship of Italian excellence is based on a new and streamlined platform (1630 pounds fully fueled, in 1690 against the 599 GTB), thanks to the use of aluminum for both the body such as the chassis, the latter seeing its rigidity increased of 20%, despite a weight down 50 pounds. Also in slimming chapter Ferrari F12 Berlinetta loses 4.7 cm in length, 2 wide and 6.3 in height than its predecessor. Reduction, however, does not apply to the mechanical part as aspirated V12 with direct injection (200 bar) has the same capacity as the Ferarri FF. It differs, however, in several places (suction drain, better coverage, increased compression ratio …), which allows him to see his climb power 660-740 hp at 8250 rev / min for the performance to 118 hp liter. The maximum torque is equal to 690 Nm at 6000 rev / min, 80% are available from 2 500 rev / min for the benefit of operational flexibility (which will return) and the approval for use in daily. An important criterion for models V12 customers, the brand ensures that 20% of them are using the car in their daily lives, not only, the trip on Sunday. Incidentally, it is stated that this category of buyers is faithful, since it is renewed in 60% of cases. In fact, after tasting the charm of the car on the road and on the track, you can easily understand.


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