2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Moving within the Balocco proving ground is hard not to get distracted by the large amount of fake Ghibli, disguised and with step evidently shortened from the original which, in reality, hide the body of Julia (but the name is not yet certain) and that run continuously to test the mechanics of the car, next fall, will become a watershed in the history of “Alfa”.

But with a little ‘effort, we were able to focus also on the 4C Spider, which for the moment is the newest addition to the Alfa.

The little roadster repeats almost the entire line of coupes and that’s good. Indeed, the improvement in something as well, since projectors introduces more traditional and consistent with the overall style than spectacular but a bit ‘too tormented seen initially. And at the bottom of the left side also check a new air intake to prevent overheating of the transmission during track that was manifested on some exemplary coupe (of course also entitled to benefit also of the change).

The soft top is of course canvas and put it off and manually with a few moves, although in two the operation becomes easier and faster. Once removed and rolled up, it is placed in a special bag to stow in the rear, however, occupying much of the 110 liter capacity declared. The interior is almost unchanged, and still does not concede anything to luxury. Spaces for small items are kept to a minimum, but there are some pretty centimeters for the occupants.

Body Weight of 4C Spider. Compared to the coupe, the Spider complaint 45 kg more, but each of the 240 hp available must take charge of less than 4 kg and this is a remarkable achievement in the category. On the road and on the track, the differences are detectable – perhaps – only with the stopwatch and not even notice the movements of the body caused by the disappearance of the roof, due to the rigidity of the tank in carbon that forms the backbone of the Spider.

These performances of 4C Spider are practically the same as the coupe: 257 km / h (instead of 258), 4 “5 on 0-100, 36 meters from 100 to 0.

Also remain the same strengths and weaknesses: exciting ability to gain speed, agility between the curves out of scale, dual clutch very fast, brake control granite just as you wish on the track and steering without power assistance a little ‘anxiety-inducing on the obverse.

Traveling with the roof down the noise is plentiful (since closed the situation is not substantially different) but there is a good wind protection. The sound of the exhaust, as expected, is more prevalent, but the Alpha does not count to stop here and announced the imminent arrival, on request, a plant Akrapovic active.

The Price of 4C Spider The announced price is 75,000 euro, so far superior to that of the coupe, which is just over 53 thousand euro.

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